Idler for D355 D275 D155A D85EX-12 Excavator Parts front Idler

The wheel body adopts advanced rolling forging technology and box welding structure. Through matrix normalizing and intermediate frequency induction quenching heat treatment, the surface hardness reaches HRC48-54 and the hardening depth is 5-10mm. It has robustness to withstand high impact and abrasion resistance under adverse working conditions.

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Item Model Parts Number Item Model Parts Number
1 D20 Undercarriage 101-30-16210 Idlers 19 D65PX-16 Undercarriage 14X-30-00431 Idlers
2 D21P-6 Undercarriage 103-30-00110 Idlers 20 D65PX-17 Undercarriage
3 D31P-18 Undercarriage 113-30-00102 Idlers 21 D65E-8 Undercarriage 144-30-00038 Idlers
4 D30 Undercarriage 22 D68ESS-12 Undercarriage 134-27-61631 Idlers
5 D31 Undercarriage 113-30-00101 Idlers 23 D85ESS-2 Undercarriage
6 D37EX-21 Undercarriage 11Y-30-00010 Idlers 24 D85A-18 Undercarriage 154-30-00293 Idlers/ 154-30-00294 Idlers
7 D31PX-21 Undercarriage 11Y-30-00010 Idlers 25 D85A-12 Undercarriage KM356 Idlers
8 D41P-6 Undercarriage 124-30-00105 Idlers 26 D85P-21 Undercarriage 154-30-00770 Idlers
9 D41E-6 Undercarriage 124-30-00102 Idlers 27 D85EX-15 Undercarriage 154-30-01010 Idlers
10 D40 Undercarriage 28 D85PX-15 Undercarriage
11 D41-3 Undercarriage 125-30-00032 Idlers 29 D155A-1-2 Undercarriage 175-30-00572 Idlers
12 D41-5 Undercarriage 30 D155AX-3-5 Undercarriage 17A-30-00040 Idlers
13 D50 Undercarriage 131-30-000274 Idlers 31 D155A-6 Undercarriage 17A-30-00430 Idlers
14 D53 Undercarriage 141-30-00063 Idlers 32 D275AX-5 Undercarriage 17M-30-00310 Idlers
15 D51EX-22 Undercarriage 12Y-30-00011 Idlers 33 D275A-5 Undercarriage 17M-30-00310 Idlers
16 D61EX-12 Undercarriage 134-30-00200 Idlers 34 D355-3-5 Undercarriage 195-30-00282 Idlers
17 D61PX-12 Undercarriage 134-30-00201 Idlers /134-30-00202 Idlers 35 D375A-2 Undercarriage 195-30-01030 Idlers
18 D65EX-12 Undercarriage 14X-30-00112 Idlers 36 D375A-5 Undercarriage 195-30-01430 Idlers


Product Information

Material 40SiMnTi
Finish Smooth
Colors Black or yellow
Technique Forging casting
Surface Hardness HRC48-54,deepth:4mm-10mm
Warranty time 2000 hour
Certification ISO9001-9002
FOB Price FOB Xiamen USD 50-450/Piece
MOQ 2 piece
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established


Design / Structure / Details Pics

Idler for D355 D275 D155A D85EX-12 Excavator Parts front Idler

Advantages / Features

1.Select a wide of front idler which is suitable for the range from 0.2 to 120 tons of shoes type excavators,bulldozers and special machinery.

2.Sepecial heat treatment process results in longer life,the greatest degree of under heavy load,and prevent fragmentation.

3.Use low and high-double seal makes it life lubrication,it is suitable for standard and specail temperature appication.

4.Choose a broad range of spring reulator,high flexibility and hydrocarbon-type relulator which is applications for mine working condiction

Idler parts for your reference

E120B PC35 SK320 R320
E200B PC55 SK450 VOLVO EC55
E240 PC40-8 DH55 VOLVO EC210
E300B PC60-5/6 DH130 VOLVO EC290
E307 PC100-5 DH220-3/5 VOLVO EC360
E305.5 PC120-3 DH280-2 VOLVO EC460
E320 PC200-3 DH280-3 IHI50
E325 PC200-5 DH258 IHI310
E330 PC300-3/5 DH370 VA542
E345 PC400-3/5 HD450 SWE50B
EX55 SH60 HD700/770 SWE70B
EX60 SH120/260 HD820 Milling Machine
EX70 SH200/280 HD1250 CX55
EX75 SH220 R60-5 CX360
EX100 SH300 R60-7 TAMROC 600
EX1100 SH430 R80-7 R944B
EX200-1 SK60 R130 VIO55
EX220-2/3/5 SK120 R200 YC35
EX300 SK200 R210 YC60
EX400 SK220 R225-7 YC85
ZAX240 SK230 R290

Our products are according to the standard of OEM to manufacture.

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Idler for D355 D275 D155A D85EX-12 Excavator Parts front Idler

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Idler for D355 D275 D155A D85EX-12 Excavator Parts front Idler

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