Idler supplier in China

An Idler, specifically in the context of heavy machinery such as bulldozers, excavators, and other tracked vehicles, is a pivotal component of the undercarriage system. It serves as a tensioning device and support roller for the track chain, ensuring smooth operation, maintaining proper track alignment, and distributing machine weight effectively.



An idler typically consists of a central hub mounted on a shaft, with one or more rows of roller segments around its circumference. Our company make these component by high-strength steels or composite materials. Because these materials can enhance the idler ability of durability and wear resistance. The idler can adjust depending on the machinery. And the idlers may be adjustable to facilitate track tensioning or fixed in place, requiring other mechanisms for tension adjustment. The idler has three types, the one is front idler, the other one is rear Idler and the third is Suspended Idlers. These three different idlers stay at the different place in the undercarriage system. In conclusion, the idler is a fundamental element of tracked machinery’s undercarriage, playing a critical role in tension management, weight distribution, and track guidance.

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