ITM No. E1401700M00035 FL4 SPECIAL Track Chain (LINK35L)

Our main products are both dry and lubricated type Equipped with TMP 3150T hot die forging lines,track link assemblies which pitches range from automatic heat-treatmen lines,MAZAK,HASS 101mm to 260mm. process centers,advanced assembling machines and oil injection machines.Each spare parts has own logo and exclusive code.

Explore our premium bulldozer track chain links, meticulously designed for durability and reliability. Discover the superior performance of our lubricated bulldozer D6D track chains, built to withstand tough conditions. Additionally, check out our extensive selection of mini excavator parts and excavator undercarriage parts for comprehensive equipment solutions. Trust us to deliver top-quality products that ensure smooth operation and long-term reliability!

Quick details

Product name Track chain or link assy for undercarriage of heavy duty equipments
Warranty 2000 hours ( Actual life is 3000 to 4000 hours)
Type Dry chain or lubricated chain
Material 35MnB ourchased from first-class steel plant

Design / Structure / Details Pics

ITM No. E1401700M00035 FL4 SPECIAL Track Chain (LINK35L)

Makes & models available but not limited to following list

Make Model Make Model
D3C PC30
D5B PC30
D6D PC40
D7G PC100
D8N PC200
E320 PC300
E325 PC400
E330 PC800
Sumitomo SH60 Hyundai R60-5
Sumitomo SH100 Hyundai R60-7
Sumitomo SH120 Hyundai R130
Sumitomo SH200 Hyundai R200
Sumitomo SH200-3 Hyundai R210
Sumitomo SH200-5 Hyundai R210-7
Sumitomo SH220 Hyundai R290
Sumitomo SH220-3 Hyundai R290LC
Make Model Make Model
Hitachi UH063 Volvo EC210
Hitachi UH04-7 Volvo EC210B
Hitachi EX30 Volvo EC210-7
Hitachi EX40 Volvo EC240
Hitachi ZAXIS55 Volvo EC290
Hitachi EX60-3 Volvo EC360
Hitachi EX60-5 Volvo EC460
Hitachi EX70
Kato HD250 Daewoo DH55
Kato HD1250 Daewoo DH220
Kato HD400 Daewoo DH220-3/5
Kato HD400-2 Daewoo DH220LC-5
Kato HD400SE Daewoo DH280-3
Kato HD450 Daewoo EX400-2
Kato HD500 Daewoo EX400-3
Kato HD700 Daewoo EX400-5


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ITM No. E1401700M00035 FL4 SPECIAL Track Chain (LINK35L)

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ITM No. E1401700M00035 FL4 SPECIAL Track Chain (LINK35L)

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