S3090 Rotaing Scrap & Demoliton Shear

Rotation scrap shear can be used in all industrial demolition sites for the cutting and recovery of ferrous materials such as iron sections, pipes, tanks, railway carriages etc. that later may be easily recycled.

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Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shear Cutter FEATURES

More productive by design. Shears are designed as a system solution to cut more tons per day and make you more money by balancing machine capabilities, shear cylinder size, jaw depth and opening, and leveler arm length.

Increase cut efficiency by up to 15 percent and reduce blade wear with the dual offset apex jaw design.

Accurately place the jaws in optimum cutting position without moving the machine with the standard 360° rotator on the S3000 Series.

Power is consistent through the entire cutting cycle.

The shears are optimized for Cat excavators to ensure proper matching, optimal cycle times, and range of motion.

Increase cutting efficiency with tapered spacer plates which reduce jamming and drag.

The cylinder rod is completely protected inside the frame reducing downtime and the risk of damage and allowing for a slimmer design for better visibility.

The jaw relief area allows material to fall away freely without hindering the next cutting cycle.

Hydraulic Shear Cutter SPECIFICATIONS

Weight – Boom Mount 9020 kg
Weight – Stick Mount 8760 kg
Length 5370 mm
Height 1810 mm
Width 1300 mm
Jaw Width – Fixed 602 mm
Jaw Width – Moving 168 mm
Jaw Opening 910 mm
Jaw Depth 900 mm
Throat Force 11746 kN
Apex Force 4754 kN
Tip Force 2513 kN
Cutting Circuit – Maximum Relief Pressure 35000 kPa
Cutting Circuit – Maximum Flow 700 l/min
Rotation Circuit – Maximum Relief Pressure 14000 kPa
Rotation Circuit – Maximum Flow 80 l/min
Stick Mounted – Minimum 90 tons
Stick Mounted – Maximum 110 tons
Boom Mounted – Maximum 54 tons
Boom Mounted – Minimum 30 tons
Cycle Time – Close 3.4 Seconds

Hydraulic Shear Cutter Application

Steel shears for industrial demolition of steel structures like buildings, tanks and many more. As well our hydraulic shear attachments are used in scrapyards, where they are used for secondary breaking and recycling.

Other size for Hydraulic Cutter we can supply

Excavator weight Hydraulic working pressure Tool weight without coupler Cylinder force
10-17t 250-300bar 980-1100kg 76t
18-27t 320-350bar 1900kg 109t
28-39t 320-350bar 2950kg 145t
40-50t 320-350bar 4400kg 200t

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