Sell Construction Segment D6C D6D 6P9102 5S0050 7P2706 Sproket

Having wide choice range, the sprocket is applicable to special model of crawler type excavators and bulldozer from 0.8T to 100T. It is widely applied in bulldozers and excavators of Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco and Hyundai etc.Adopts precision processing technology and special heat treatment technique, so reach the best wear-resistance and prolong life time to maximum extent.

Excavator Sproket Product Information

Material 40Mn
Finish Smooth
Colors Black or yellow
Technique Forging casting
Surface Hardness HRC52-58
Warranty time 2000 hour
Certification ISO9001-9002
FOB Price FOB Xiamen USD 200-2000/Piece
MOQ $4500.00
Delivery Time Within 20-25 days after contract established

Excavator Sproket Design / Structure / Details Pics

Sell Construction Segment D6C D6D 6P9102 5S0050 7P2706 Sproket
Sell Construction Segment D6C D6D 6P9102 5S0050 7P2706 Sproket Sell Construction Segment D6C D6D 6P9102 5S0050 7P2706 Sproket

Excavator Sproket Advantages / Features:

Undercarriage is adopting through hardening system and spraying quenching system while complying with the stringent ISO System. We are able to assure the part has excellent wear resistance even in the most severe working conditions.

We are using advance machining centre,horizontal and vertical CNC machining to execute processes such as machining, drilling, threading and milling to ensure the qulity and precision of each component to ensure the accuracy of assembly dimensions. This is to maximize the life span of each component and minimize production cost per hour.

Forgin segment :

We have the forged segments for Caterpiller ,


And Komatsu D50,D60,D65,D85,D155 with good quality and most competitive price .

we have sproket promotion list as follow for your reference,welcome to inquiry.

No Description Model Berco P/NO OEM P/NO Weight
1 Sprocket E70B 6I9336
2 Sprocket CAT307 096-2144
3 Sprocket E120B CR5337 099-0219 40Kgs
4 Sprocket E200B / EL200B CR5338 E84690100/ 964327 48Kgs
5 Sprocket EL240B CR5339 959779 53Kgs
6 Sprocket E300B / EL300 / EL300B CR5340 099-4129 88Kgs
7 Sprocket E311/E110B/E312 CR6358 4I7472 39Kgs
8 Sprocket 315 CR5606 102-8134 49Kgs
9 Sprocket 320 / 320L / 322 / 322N CR5602 8E9805 38Kgs
10 Sprocket 325 / 325L CR5604 6Y4898 60Kgs
11 Sprocket 330 / 330L CR5861A 6Y5685 86Kgs
12 Sprocket 345B 124-3296 87Kgs
13 Sprocket 350 CR6402 8E6974 95Kgs
14 Sprocket 375 CR6377 8E4686 142Kgs
15 Sprocket 215 CR4740 6A7539
16 Sprocket 225 CR5334 9C2646
17 Sprocket 215-5 CR3974 3T9154
18 Sprocket 215B CR4741 8V4734 78Kgs
19 Sprocket 225-4 C25A-5000 3V1727
20 Sprocket 225-4-R OK0483 3T9153 30Kgs
21 Sprocket 225-5 CR5090 6W2451
22 Sprocket 225-5-R CR3979 3T9152 33Kgs
23 Sprocket 235-6 8K2743
24 Sprocket 235-7 CR5097 3V4527
25 Sprocket 235-7 R CR3980 7T1311 75Kgs
26 Sprocket 245-8 2M8810
27 Sprocket-Rim 933-R CR1445 1M6226 29Kgs
28 Sprocket 951B RIM30 CR2050 8A1378
29 Sprocket 951C CR2967 4V5374
30 Sprocket 951C-R CR2968 4V5376 60Kgs
31 Sprocket 955E-R CR1447 3K5841
32 Sprocket 955H-R CR1451 3K7677
33 Sprocket 955K-R CR2247 6K1798
34 Sprocket D3-D3B-R CR3006 6S8270 27Kgs
35 Sprocket D3-D3C-R CR4752 6Y1244
36 Sprocket D3C CR4751 8Y0622
37 Sprocket D4 CR1461A 1M1777 34Kgs
38 Sprocket D4D-E CR2595 4V4106 74Kgs
39 Sprocket D4D-E-R CR2594 4V4107 40Kgs
40 Sprocket D4-R CR0963 5H9107 34Kgs
41 Sprocket D5-R CR2194 5S4822
42 Sprocket D6 CR1818 8M6041 43Kgs
43 Sprocket D6C-R CR1844 9M3818
44 Sprocket D6-R CR1819 3H2643
45 Sprocket D7E-R CR1591 5M3022
46 Sprocket D7-R(23) 112-0018 73Kgs
47 Sprocket D7-R(26) CR1456 3S1456
48 Sprocket S50 2108-1025BP-S 17Kgs
49 Sprocket S130 / S130-3 / DH130-2 2108-1005-A 45Kgs
50 Sprocket S200LC / S220LC 2108-1014A 43Kgs
51 Sprocket S220LC-3 / S220-5 2108-1028A 44Kgs
52 Sprocket S170 / S170-3 2108-1019 44Kgs
53 Sprocket S280LC / S280LC-3 2108-1015A 73Kgs
54 Sprocket S320 2108-1024A 94Kgs
55 Sprocket S400/S360LC-3 2108-4003A 76Kgs
56 Sprocket S450LC-3 2108-1031 104Kgs
57 Sprocket S450 2108-9401 104Kgs
58 Sprocket EX60-1 1010447 27Kgs
59 Sprocket EX60-2 1012495 27Kgs
60 Sprocket EX60-3 27Kgs
61 Sprocket EX100/EX120 FT3056 1010325 39Kgs
62 Sprocket EX150 FT3057 1008249 48Kgs
63 Sprocket EX100M 1007849 54Kgs


Forging Segment ,High performance

Material : 50Mn Raw Steel Bar

Surface Hardness: 55-57HRC

Dimension : As same as OEM (ITM dimension)

Quality guarantee: 2000 working hours

Price valid time: 30 days.

Delivery date: 20-25days.

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Sell Construction Segment D6C D6D 6P9102 5S0050 7P2706 Sproket

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Sell Construction Segment D6C D6D 6P9102 5S0050 7P2706 Sproket

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