The manufacturer excavator rubber track link of in China

Excavator rubber track link form a crucial component of the undercarriage system in rubber-tracked excavators. Compared with the traditional steel tracks, this rubber track link allows the excavator navigate diverse terrains with minimal ground disturbance.



Unlike steel tracks, rubber tracks consist of a continuous rubber belt embedded with metal cores or cables for strength and durability. The outer rubber layer provides traction and protection against wear and tear. As for the inner structure can support the machine’s weight and transmit power from the drive sprocket to the ground. The rubber track link has many advantages. It can reduce ground pressure efficiently, because the large surface area of rubber tracks distributes the excavator’s weight over a broader footprint. And it has lower noise than the steel track line, so it is more suitable to work in the city. In addition, it will product less vibration when works, this function will lead to reduced wear on the undercarriage components and lower long-term maintenance costs.

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