The manufacturer of bucket bush in China

A bucket bush, also known as a pin bushing or simply a bush, is a crucial wearing part found in the assembly of excavator and loader buckets. It serves as a critical interface between the bucket’s moving components, typically fitting between the bucket tooth and the adapter or between the bucket’s arms and the pivot points.


Imagine the bucket bush as the trusty, robust sidekick to your heavy machinery – made from tough-as-nails materials like steel or bronze, it’s built to take a beating. This little powerhouse is in it for the long haul, soaking up the knocks and shocks of day-to-day digging, prying, and loading without breaking a sweat. Its job? To keep things gliding smoothly, safeguarding all those hard-working metal parts from grinding against each other.
Crafted to fit just right, the bucket bush keeps your bucket’s skeleton firmly in place while letting it move and groove as needed. And when it does start to show signs of a hard life’s work, you can simply swap it out without a fuss – saving your wallet from the pain of pricier fixes.
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