The manufacturer of d4d bottom roller in China

The d4d bottom roller is a specifical bottom track roller which designed for the Caterpillar’s D4D bulldozer model. These rollers are essential undercarriage components that support the weight of the machine, facilitate its movement, and maintain track alignment, ensuring smooth operation and durability in various working conditions.



The Caterpillar D4D bulldozer is a popular model due to its versatility and performance in construction. The d4d bottom roller as a component of the undercarriage system of the Caterpillar D4D bulldozer is also important. Why it is important to the Caterpillar D4D bulldozer undercarriage system, there are reasons. D4D bottom rollers can let the bulldozer’s weight across evenly on the track. It is vital for us to minimize ground pressure and prevent the machine from sinking into soft or wet terrain. D4D bottom rollers guide the track chain, maintaining its alignment when it rotates around the sprocket and idler wheel. By this way, it can prevent derailing and reduce wear on the track links. And the D4D bottom rollers can minimize friction.

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