The manufacturer of segment d155 in China

The D155 segment is a key component of the undercarriage system found in Komatsu D155 series bulldozers. It refers specifically to the sprocket segment, which is responsible for transferring power from the machine’s drive system to the tracks, enabling the bulldozer to move forward or backward.



Usually, our company use the forged steel or cast iron to make the segment d155, because this high-quality material can help us ensure the performance of the segment d155 can in a good degree. Because the dozer always works in a harsh condition, as one of the components of the dozer, the segment d155 certainly need the good ability of withstanding heavy loads and abrasion.

As for its construct, it usually is consisted of teeth and the track links. The teeth are precisely machined to mesh smoothly with the track links, in this way, the wear can be minimized and the power transmission efficiency can be optimized. And the d155 segment can provide traction and drive force to propel the bulldozer.

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