The manufacturer rubber track shoe in China

The rubber track shoe has another name is rubber track pads. It is a key component of the undercarriage system on rubber track excavators. These shoes attach to the metal track frame and provide the necessary traction and surface contact for the machine to operate effectively across various terrains.



The rubber track shoes are made by the durable rubber compound molded around a reinforced core. And the reinforced core uses the steel or Kevlar cords as the raw material, by this way, the structural integrity and load-bearing capacity will be increased. As the outer rubber layer, it is specifically formulated to resist wear, cuts, and abrasions while maintaining flexibility in extreme temperatures. In addition, there have some specific tread patterns which for different ground conditions, such as the multi-bar tread for better traction in mud or cleated designs for improved climbing ability. Of course it has some itself advantages. Such as it can significantly reduce operational noise and vibrations and it also can protect sensitive surfaces from damage.

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