The supplier of rubber tracks with sprocket in China

The excavator rubber tracks are a pivotal component of crawler excavators. Its aim is replacing traditional steel tracks for improved performance and reduced environmental impact across diverse terrains. And to transmit power to the ground efficiently, these continuous rubber belts not only reinforced with internal steel cords or Kevlar fibers, it also uses the steel cords or Kevlar fibers to encircle the excavator’s wheels and sprockets.



The excavator rubber tracks consist of an outer rubber layer, the layer usually uses a blend of natural and synthetic rubbers as the raw material. Because this material can bring the ability of durability and weather resistance to the excavator rubber tracks. Inside, high-strength steel cables or Kevlar cords provide tensile strength and flexibility to excavator rubber tracks, while metal inserts or lugs on the inner surface engage with the sprocket for propulsion.

And the rubber tracks different widths and pitch to match specific excavator models and optimize performance for load capacity, traction, and flotation. And the rubber tracks can make the excavator be more versatile, it is suitable for operation across a wide range of terrains, from soft soil to hard rock, rubber tracks provide flexibility without the need for changing tracks.

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