Three Different Material Rubber Pad Comparison

Our Rubber Track are prepared with natural rubber. It possesses very good properties of wear resistance, tear resistance and non-disintegration etc. The adhesion between the rubber and the steel frame is very strong, the replacement is convenient an the service life is long,it is suitable for various vehicle like excavator,pavers,bitumen transportation trucks etc.

Type of rubber tracks:

1, Bolt on type

2, Bolt on type with steel bottom

3, Chain ontype

4, Clip on type

5, Pavers rubber pad

The feature of rubber tracks:

(1). Less round damage
Rubber tracks cause less damage to roads than steel tracks, and less rutting of soft ground than either steel tracks of wheel products.
(2). Low noise
A benefit to equipment operating in congested areas, rubber track products less noise than steel tracks.
(3). High speed
Rubber track permit machines to travel at a higher speed than steel tracks.
(4). Less vibration
Rubber tracks insulate machine and operator from vibration, extending the machine’s lifetime and lowering operate fatigue.
(5). Low ground pressure
The ground pressure of rubber tracks equipped machinery can be fairly low, about 0.14-2.30 kg/ CMM, a major reason for its use on the wet and soft terrain.
(6). Superior traction
The added traction of rubber, track vehicles permits them to pull twice the load of wheel vehicles of the sane weight.

Three Different Material Rubber Pad Comparison

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