Wholesale spare parts carrier roller supplier

The spare parts carrier rollers are replacement components designed for the undercarriage systems of tracked heavy equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, and other construction machinery. Having high-quality spare parts on hand is essential for swift replacements, minimizing downtime, and ensuring continuous, efficient operation of the equipment.


The roles of the spare parts carrier roller: Carrier rollers are strategically placed along the undercarriage to support the upper portion of the track chain. This function can help distribute the machine’s weight evenly. If the weight cannot distribute evenly, the stability of machine and the function of preventing ground sinking will be damaged. They can also guide the track chain, to keep it centered and properly tensioned as it engages with the drive sprocket and idler wheel. We should know that proper alignment prevents track derailment and reduces unnecessary wear on the track components. Our company use the hardened steel as the raw material, the robust materials can bring the durability and toughness to the spare parts carrier roller. Compared with the special types’ carrier roller, it has better compatibility. It can be designed to be model-specific or adaptable to a range of equipment brands and models.

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