YuChai 600Kg Mini Pelle Machine YC22-9 Mini Excavator For Green Houses

YC22-9 Mini Excavator Benefits

equipped with adjustable chassis to improve working stability

wide-open engine cover for higher maintainability

operator-oriented design enable


YC22-9 Excavator


Rated power:20.5kW/2200rpm

Standard bucket capacity:0.09m3

Standard bucket wide:555mm

YC22-9 mini excavator Dimension parameters

Transportation dimension
Overall length of transportation 4120mm
Overall width 1300mm
Overall height 2290mm
Other Parameter
Width of undercarriage 1300mm
Length of track 1880mm
Width of track 250mm
Height between undercarriage and ground 250mm
Height between platform and ground 480mm
Platform tail turning radius 1100mm
Track gauge 1490mm
Fuel tank capacity 29L
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 38L

YC22-9 mini excavator Operating parameters

Max. digging height 3740mm
Max. digging depth 2620mm
Max. digging radius 4480mm
Max. digging radius on ground level 4390mm
Max. dumping height 2250mm
Min. slewing radius 2065mm
Max. vertical digging depth 2400mm
Gradeability 58%(30°)
Max. digging force of arm 9.6kN
Max. digging force of bucket 14.9kN
Traveling speed 2.25km/h
Max. hauling force kN
Slewing speed of platform 10~12.5rpm

Work Environment

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