Safety Glasses Clear Worker Eye Protection safety goggles For Lab Dust Paint Dental Industrial

Safety Glasses Clear Worker Eye Protection safety goggles For Lab Dust Paint Dental Industrial

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Fully enclosed goggles with double side anti-fog, blocking UV , no peculiar smell, clear mirror, anti-impact, dust, splash prevention, high light transmission, the size of fully fitting face product is 5.9 L X 2.95 W (in)
Water with an anti-fog layer of 100 degrees will not fog.Effectively prevent fully enclosed goggles temperature difference and lead to the consequences of fog
Artificial mechanics research design to reduce the burden of the bridge of the nose, wearing more comfortable while not easy to slip off, automatic adjustment of the whole closed goggles strap fitting various face
[Product details]: polycarbonate goggles can better protect the eyes, high toughness and no odor is the biggest characteristics, the fully closed style can fully protect your eyes, the product weight of 70g in accordance with the ANSI Z87.1 lens other materials are soft glue, will not cut the face


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Construction , Manufacturing , Medical , outdoor sports , Mining , Fild-trip , Driving etc.


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How to use: Please check and make sure that the frames and lenses are free of cracks before use, and make sure that the glasses you wear are comfortable.
Cover your eyes.
Product performance: protective glasses effectively prevent harmful substances such as dust, sand, dust, liquid, iron filings, etc.
Irritations and injuries caused by impacts or splashes on the face and sides.
Maintenance method: If there is any dirt on the surface, please wash it with water or diluted with mild detergent (general anti-fog
Please do not wash the lens, otherwise the anti-fog effect will be invalid.) After cleaning, wipe with a soft and clean glasses cloth.
Do not use aggressive cleaning agents, as these solvents can reduce the impact resistance of the glasses.
Caution: When the protective glasses are not in use, the glasses legs should be placed in the package facing down to avoid direct exposure
Collision with hard objects, chemical vapor, etc., the above irregular operation methods will cause the lens to break and damage,
As a result, the impact resistance of the protective glasses is reduced.
Reminder: Always check the glasses. When the lenses are scratched or damaged, please replace them immediately. For your safety,
Use your protective glasses properly and regularly.

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