The tips of choosing the suitable excavator track shoes for us

May 8, 2024 | News

The excavator is one of the mini excavator parts, as a mini excavator parts China manufacturer we are glad to introduce some tips to you when you choose these mini excavator parts may need. Before we know how to choose the excavator track shoes, we need to figure out what is track shoe excavator.

The introduction of the excavator track shoes

The excavator track shoes are one of the components of the undercarriage system, its task is direct contact with the ground. Usually, these shoes can provide traction, stability, and weight distribution to the excavator. All of these functions can make the excavator to move smoothly across various terrains. So, it is not hare for us to realize that it is vital to choose high-quality and suitable excavator track shoes for our excavator.

It is designed to withstand the rigors of construction, mining, and earthmoving applications. So, it has two main material as raw material. The one is durable rubber, the other material is hardened steel. We can choose the different material accord the specific application and ground conditions.

The steel track shoes have these advantages

In the industries which need the excavators work in harsh environments, we had better choose the steel track shoes, because it is exceptionally durable and resistant to wear.

Compared with the rubber track shoes, it also has longer service life, especially when we use excavators in abrasive materials or rough terrain.

And at the rocky terrain or compacted soil working, the steel track shoes can provide excellent traction. The powerful traction can let the excavator maintain stability and maneuverability in challenging conditions.

And it is also easy to clean, because the steel track shoes are less likely to accumulate debris or mud in the treads.

Track Shoes

The advantages of the rubber track shoe

When you complete reading above, you may generate bias to the rubber track shoes, because it not has long service life and the features of easy-cleaning as the steel track shoes. Lets us to look what the rubber track shoes can do but the steel track shoes cannot do.

Compared with the steel track shoes, the rubber track shoes will absorb shocks and vibrations better in the process of working, this feature can the operation smoother the smoother operate can bring high productivity to us. At the same time, it can decrease the noise influence to other people. This a vital note when the excavator worked in the city.

And the rubber track shoes provide a more comfortable ride for the operator. It is worker-friendly component, because it can reduce the workers fatigue during long hours of operation.

Except these functions, the rubber track shoes are more suitable for the soft soils, muddy conditions, and sensitive surfaces. They can make the excavator get the superior traction on loose or uneven terrain without causing damage.

The most difference between the rubber track shoes and the steel track shoes is that the rubber track shoes are gentler on paved surfaces. And then the risk of damage to roads, driveways can be decreased efficiently.

Ok, what we should know is that there has no thing is perfect the machines are non-exception. But they have their distinct advantages. We can choose them by our requirements.

Except the material, the design of the excavator track shoes is also different. There have single-grouser shoes, double-grouser shoes, triple-grouser shoes and so on for you to choose.

Our company devote to supply the best quality track shoe assemblies for excavator to our customers.