Track bolt,pins and bushing of bulldozers in China

Jun 3, 2024 | News

What is track bolts?

Track bolts are an important component of the chassis of excavators and other tracked heavy equipment. They are used to secure the track shoes (also called track pads or track links) to the track chain. Track bolts are designed and manufactured to withstand extreme working conditions, including high loads, vibrations, and varying weather conditions.

Good track bolts must have the following features:

1.High strength. Track bolt from China is usually made of high-strength steel. Ensure that they can withstand the tremendous pressure and tension generated by heavy equipment running on complex terrain.

2.Corrosion resistance. In order to maintain their performance under various environmental conditions, track bolts may be heat treated or coated to improve their corrosion resistance.

3.Precise size. The size and thread design of track bolts must be very precise to ensure that they can perfectly match the track shoes and chains to ensure the stability and reliability of the track.

Easy to install and replace: Although track bolts are designed for long-term use, they must also be easy to install and replace to facilitate equipment maintenance and repair.

What is track pins and bushing:

The dozer track pins and bushings are working together to ensure smooth operation and extended service life of the track. Track pins and bushings are mainly responsible for connecting the track links. Allowing the links to rotate relative to each other during movement, thereby reducing wear and providing the necessary flexibility.

dozer track pins and bushings

Good track pins and bushings must have the following characteristics:

Wear resistance. Track pins and bushings are usually made of high-strength, wear-resistant materials such as hardened steel or special alloys to withstand high loads and reduce wear.

Precision manufacturing. To ensure smooth operation and extended service life of the track chain, the size and shape of the track pins and bushings must be very precise.

Lubrication. In order to reduce wear and maintain good movement performance, good lubrication is required between the track pins and bushings. Some designs may include lubrication channels for regular injection of grease.

Easy maintenance and replacement. Although track pins and bushings are designed for long-term durability, they should also be easy to maintain and replace to facilitate maintenance and repair of equipment.

Maintenance and replacement suggestions:

As an important part of the excavator, it is necessary to always pay attention to the use of parts such as bolts, track pins and bushings, and perform regular maintenance to ensure the normal use of the equipment and improve production efficiency.

1.Regular inspection and lubrication. Regularly check the wear of parts and lubricate them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to maintain good movement performance and extend service life.

2.Watch for signs of wear. Excessive wear may cause the track chain to loosen or jump, affecting the stability and operating efficiency of the equipment. Once excessive wear is found, the damaged parts should be replaced in time.

3.Use professional tools and techniques. Replacing track pins and bushings may require professional tools and techniques to ensure proper installation and avoid damage to the new parts or the surrounding track chain.

4.Choose high-quality replacement parts. In order to ensure the performance and safety of the equipment, high-quality replacement parts should be selected when replacing track pins and bushings, preferably original parts or certified replacement parts that meet the original specifications.

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