Crankshaft Oil seal Front and Rear for Sale

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All Crankshaft Oil Seal We Can Supply

Crankshaft Oil seal Front and Rear
Model Size Model Size Application
6D95 Front 62*85*12 6D95 Rear 95*120*17 PC60-5/6 120-3/5 PC200/5
6D105 Front 62*90*13 6D105 Rear 105*135*13 PC120-1/2/3
6D102 Front 6D102 Rear
6D108 Front 65*90*13 6D108 Rear PC300-5/6
6D125 Front 6D125 Rear PC300-3 PC400-5/6
S6K Front 70*95*13 S6K Rear (N) 115*150*15 E320 E320B E320C
S6K Rear (O) 122*150*14 E200B
S4K-T Front 55*78*12 S4K-T Rear 122*150*14 R100-7
4M40 Front 50*75*9 4M40 Rear 95*114*10
6BD1/6BG1Front 60*82*12 6BD1 Rear (N) 105*135*13 EX200-2
6BD1 Rear (O) 100*135/140*15 EX200-1 HU07 SH200-1/2 LS2800
6BG1Rear (N) 105*135*14.5 EX200-5
6BD1 Rear (O) R200 DH220 DH200 ZX200 SH200-3
4BD1/4BG1Front 4BD1/4BG Rear
4BA1 4BA1 SH120A1
4JB1 Front 50*68*9 4JB1 Rear 95*118*10 SH60
6SD1 Front 6SD1 Rear 120*150*15 EX300-3/5 EX350-3/5
3LD1 Front DH35
6D31 Front (N) 6D31 Rear (N) 100*120/158*14 HD700-7 HD820
6D31 Front (O) 6D31 Rear (O) 100*120/158*16 HD700-5
6D34 Front (N) 6D34 Rear (N) SK200-6 HD512 SK200-3
6D14/16 Front (N) 76*94*12 6D14//15/16 Rear (N) 107*180*17.5 HD770SE-ll HD800/900SE-ll
6D14/16 Front (O) 72*94*12 6D14/15 Rear (O) 100*125*12.5 HD770SE-ll HD880SE-ll
6D15 Front (N) 6D15 Rear (N)
6D15 Front (O) 6D15 Rear(O)
6D22 Front (N) 6D22 Rear (N) 135*155.5*15 HD1250SE-ll
6D22 Front (O) 95*120*13 6D22 Rear (O)
6D24 Front 6D24 Rear HD1430
3D78 Front 6D78 Rear
3D84/4D84 Front 55*72*9 3D84/4D84 Rear 85*102*13 PC40
3D84-FA 38*58*11 3D84-FA
3D94/4D94 60*77*9 3D94/4D94 89*120*17
4D32 Front 4D32 E7307
4TNV94 4TNV94
4D84E-3 4D84E-3 85*102*13
4LE2 50*68*9 4LE2 80*96*9 EX55
FD33 FD33 105*135*13 EX60
ZX330 ZX330


All Crankshaft Oil Seal Design


Crankshaft front oil seal removal steps

Crankshaft pulley
Crankshaft front oil seal

Crankshaft rear oil seal removal steps

Transaxle assembly
Drive plate bolts
Adapter plateDrive plate
Crankshaft rear oil seal

Required Special Tools

MB991883: Flywheel Stopper
MD998718: Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal lnstaller
MB991448:Bush Remover and lnstaller Base

The method of differentiating the oilseal before and after the crankshaft is to distinguish the oilseal before and after thecrankshaft according to the different installation position, and the belt side is the front oil seal; The connection with thetransmission is the rearoil seal. Damage to crankshaft oil seal will affect oil seepage. Strictly forbid it willaffect engine oilseepage and cause poor engine rotation.Crankshaft oil seal damage or aging need to be replaced immediately.

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