For over 20 years, GT Industries has partnered with global construction enterprises to optimize equipment uptime through resilient solutions. As a premier manufacturer and supplier of heavy machinery electronic parts from China, we offer an extensive catalog of electronic components for excavators and bulldozers designed for demanding work environments. Each starter, alternator, wiring harness, sensor and electronic control module undergoes rigorous in-house testing beyond OEM standards before factory dispatch. Customers depend on our heavy-duty electronic systems to power their machinery reliably under even punishing jobsite conditions.

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GT Provides Quality Electronic Parts For Excavators

Electronic parts play a crucial role in the operation and performance of modern excavators. These components are responsible for controlling various functions, monitoring system parameters.As main 2 electronic parts we wholesale below:

Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valves operate on the principle of electromagnetism. When an electrical current passes through the solenoid coil, it generates a magnetic field. This magnetic field attracts a metal plunger or spool, which moves to open or close the valve seat, allowing hydraulic fluid to flow or stop.

Types of solenoid valves used in excavators:

  • Two-Position Solenoid Valves: These valves have two positions – open or closed – and are commonly used for directional control.
  • Three-Position Solenoid Valves: These valves have three positions – open, closed, and a neutral position.
  • Proportional Solenoid Valves: These valves can precisely control the flow rate of hydraulic fluid.

Starter For Excavator

The starter is a crucial component responsible for initiating the engine of an excavator. The primary purpose of the starter in an excavator is to overcome the engine’s inertia and rotate the crankshaft, initiating the combustion process. Without a functional starter, the engine cannot start, rendering the excavator inoperable.

Functions of the starter in excavators:

  • Engine Cranking: The starter’s main function is to crank the engine by engaging the flywheel with a gear called the Bendix gear.
  • Electrical Power Supply: The starter also provides electrical power to the ignition system, fuel injection system, and other electrical components during engine cranking.

GT Industries has built a strong reputation on delivering high quality electronic parts for KOMATSU brand, competitive proposals focused on customer value, and responsive after-sales assistance. Our team remains dedicated to fulfilling all electronic needs and helping contractors maximize productivity worldwide through dependable solutions.