For over two decades, GT Industries has served as a trusted manufacturing partner, having established itself as a leading excavator breaker hammer supplier in China. Through rigorous design and testing above industry standards, we produce heavy-duty breaker hammers renowned for outstanding durability under even the most punishing job site conditions. Leveraging our expertise, each breaker hammer is engineered to deliver maximum strength, reliability, and attachment life cycle performance.

A Breaker Hammer, also known as a hydraulic hammer or rock breaker, is a powerful attachment for excavators used for breaking up concrete, asphalt, and other hard surfaces. It works by using hydraulic pressure to deliver high-impact blows to the surface, breaking it into smaller pieces for easier removal.

Working Principle Of Break Hammers For Excavators

Breaker hammers work by using a piston and rod mechanism powered by the excavator’s hydraulic system. The high-pressure hydraulic oil is directed to the hammer’s piston, causing it to strike the surface with a high-impact force, breaking it into smaller pieces.

GT Hydraulic Breaker Hammers’ Materials

When manufacturing hydraulic breaker hammers, the choice of material is critical for withstanding the extreme impacts and abrasion encountered on work sites. Two alloys preferred in the industry are 40Cr and 42CrMo as GT (a reputed China hydraulic breaker hammers manufacturer and supplier) choice.

40Cr Material:
40Cr is a medium carbon chromium steel formulated to have good balance of mechanical properties. It contains around 0.4% carbon with chromium content of 0.8-1.2%.

This improves hardenability and allows components to be surface hardened via heat treatment for a compressive layered structure. The carbon enhances hardness while chromium increases resistance to abrasion and impact.

42CrMo Material:
42CrMo steel improves upon 40Cr with a higher chromium amount of 1.2-1.5%. This additional hardening element boosts wear resistance even further.

The elevated chromium and balanced carbon once again allows case hardening of exterior sections to 50-55HRC for maximum life. Interior cores are toughened to prevent sudden brittle fractures.

Customers around the world rely on GT Industries to supply high-quality, cost-effective breaker hammers that consistently meet the demands of construction and demolition projects. Our reputation is built on upholding the strictest quality controls to ensure productivity through exceptional breaker hammer designs proven to withstand the rigors of even the most challenging working environments.