Excavator track rollers and excavator bottom rollers are essential components of an excavator's undercarriage system. The high-quality excavator track rollers and excavator bottom rollers can ensure the excavator keep the best performance. And China's manufacturing industry is far stronger than other countries, so you can choose CT as the manufacturer and supplier of excavator track rollers and excavator bottom rollers without worry. CT can promise that we will make higher quality excavator track rollers and excavator bottom rollers. Except the quality, not only we can promise the time of deliver, but also, we can promise the cost-effectiveness. Of course, we can be a OME if our customers need.

Excavator Track Roller:

Excavator track rollers, also known as upper rollers or top rollers, are located on the upper side of the undercarriage and support the upper track run. It plays a vital role in supporting, guiding, and stabilizing the tracks of the machine, as well as absorbing shocks, enhancing traction, and contributing to overall performance and durability.

Excavator Bottom Roller:

Excavator bottom rollers, also known as lower rollers or carrier rollers, are located on the underside of the undercarriage and support the lower track run. It plays integral roles in supporting, guiding, stabilizing, and facilitating the movement of the excavator.

For these reasons, we need to choose the high-quality excavator bottom roller.

GT Excavator Rollers With High Quality Materials

They are typically made of steel or cast iron and are designed to withstand the weight of the excavator and the forces exerted during digging and movement.

How Excavator Track Rollers To Be Made By GT?

GT, a reputed track roller factory in China, the most of main products we made such as excavator track rollers and excavator bottom rollers have exported to oversea market. Meanwhile, these rollers parts match to KOMATSU and CATERPILLAR standard. Comparaed with other exporters, our company has the CE certification that can make our customers not worry.

Materials of excavator track rollers and excavator bottom rollers?

The bodies of track rollers are generally made from 50Mn or 40Mn2 steel alloys. These materials are suitable due to their strength and machinability. And the quality of products can be ensured by this material.

Manufacturing process of excavator track roller and excavator bottom rollers by GT

  • The manufacturing process involves casting or forging to form the rough roller shape. This is followed by precision machining to specification.
  • Heat treatment is then applied to further enhance the roller’s properties. A quenching treatment is used to harden the surface. For 50Mn and 40Mn2 steels, this quenches the surface to a hardness of HRC45-52 on the Rockwell C scale.
  • Hardening the surface in this way significantly improves its wear resistance when the track makes contact during operation. This extends the lifespan of the rollers.
  • While 50Mn can be used, 40Mn2 steel alloy is the most common material for track rollers due to availability and performance. Like the other steels, 40Mn2 requires a post-machining quenching treatment to a target hardness of around HRC42 Rockwell C.

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