As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of excavator drive sprockets and excavator segments in China, GT offers high-quality products at competitive wholesale prices. For over 20 years, we have partnered with customers around the world to keep their mining, construction and industrial equipment operational. Our sprockets are engineered to withstand intensive loads in even the harshest environments.

A sprocket segment is an individual segment that forms part of a segment sprocket, which is used in the track drive system of excavators and other tracked vehicles. Excavator segment sprockets consist of multiple segments that are bolted together to create a complete sprocket.

Function of Excavator Sprocket Segment:

The primary function of a excavator sprocket segment is to engage with the track links and drive the tracks, providing the necessary traction for the excavator to move. The segments are designed to mesh precisely with the track links, ensuring smooth and efficient track movement.

GT Provides Material and Heat Treatment Requirements With High Standard

  • Castings must be produced following all dimensional and geometric specifications defined in engineering drawings and standards.
  • Prior to machining, castings undergo annealing to eliminate any residual internal stresses from solidification.
  • Surfaces must be cleaned of sand and impurities. Pitch and alignment between teeth must be controlled to an accuracy of ±5μm.
  • Heat treatment involves modulating the hardness profile through the sprocket thickness.
  • Quenching and tempering attain a surface hardness of HRC48-54 over a case depth of 5-9mm. Core hardness must exceed HRC28. Microstructures within the case should reach stages M4-6 on the metallurgical scale.
  • Mechanical properties testing confirms tensile strength exceeds 620MPa and yield strength is above 375MPa. This level of strength and controlled hardness profile provides optimal wear resistance, fatigue life, and durability in demanding transmission applications.

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