Undercarriage Parts

GT as leading excavator undercarriage parts factory in China, we are specialized in manufacturing undercarriage parts, including track rollers, carrier rollers, track chains, front idlers, sprockets, track adjusters with wholesale price.

The total weight and load of an excavator. The chassis is typically made up of steel plates and reinforcing ribs, providing sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure the stability and safety of the excavator during the excavation process.

Main Components of Excavator Undercarriage

  • Track Adjuster Assembly: The tracks are the primary components that provide traction and enable the excavator to move.
  • Track Roller/Bottom Roller: Track rollers support the tracks and distribute the weight of the excavator evenly.
  • Front Idlers: Idlers are located at the front and rear of the undercarriage and guide the tracks as they move. They help maintain proper track tension and reduce wear on the tracks and other components.
  • Sprocket/Segment: Sprockets are large gears that drive the tracks. They are located at the front of the undercarriage and engage with the track links to provide traction.
  • Track Adjusters: Track adjusters are used to tension the tracks and ensure they remain properly aligned. They are typically hydraulic or mechanical and allow for easy adjustment of track tension.
  • Carrier Roller/Top Roller: Carrier rollers are located on the underside of the excavator and support the weight of the machine.
  • Final Drives: Final drives are gearboxes that transmit power from the excavator’s engine to the sprockets.
  • Suspension System: The suspension system of an excavator consists of components such as springs, shock absorbers, and hydraulic cylinders.

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Benefits Of China Undercarriage Parts Manufacturer – GT

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