Hydraulic Track Press

For over two decades, Xiamen Globe Truth (GT) Industries Co., Ltd has remained steadfast in its dedication to providing spare parts for Bulldozers and Excavators in the industrial sector. Hydraulic Track Press is also the main part to sale through GT - a reputed Hydraulic Track Press maufacturer and supplier.

A hydraulic track press is a piece of equipment used in the repair and maintenance of equipment with tracks undercarriages, such as excavators, dozers, bulldozers, etc.

Key Points For Comprehending Hydraulic Track Press

  • Purpose: They are used to remove worn tracks from the track frame/rollers and install new tracks. This involves compressing/spreading the track links using hydraulic pressure.
  • Operation: The track is placed between two jaws/plates on the press. Hydraulic rams then squeeze the plates inward, compressing the track links enough to remove/install the track.
  • Safety: Hydraulic presses use high pressures and force, so safety cages, separation barriers and lockout procedures are required when in use.
  • Capacities: Presses come in various sizes to accommodate different track widths and lengths.
  • Components: Typical parts include a base, movable and stationary plates, hydraulic rams, controls.

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GT – Leading Hydraulic Track Press Manufacturer

Why GT could be leading Hydraulic Track Press factory in China? Below are related information to let you know:

  • Our company is situated in Quanzhou, China, with a sprawling factory and warehouse that spans more than 35,000 square feet.
  • Driven by our unwavering commitment to reaching customers worldwide, GT exports its exceptional range of products to over 128 countries across the globe.
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