For over 20 years, GT Industries has served construction equipment customers with quality undercarriage and work tool components. Specializing in bucket teeth and adapters, our products are engineered to maximize durability in demanding worksites. Meanwhile, GT, as reputed China bucket tooth manufacturer and supplier, always provides quality bucket tooth and adapters with factory wholesale price. Please contact with us for step-forward cooperation.

Introduce About Bucket Teeth And Adapters Of Excavators

Bucket teeth are the primary digging components attached to the excavator’s bucket.

The primary functions of bucket teeth include:

  • Digging and Penetration: Bucket teeth provide the necessary force to penetrate and break through hard surfaces.
  • Material Handling: Bucket teeth assist in scooping, lifting, and transporting excavated materials.
  • Excavation and Trenching: Bucket teeth enable precise excavation and trenching operations.

Several types of bucket teeth by GT:

  • General Purpose Teeth: These teeth are suitable for a wide range of digging tasks and are commonly used in general excavation projects.
  • Rock Teeth: Designed for heavy-duty applications, rock teeth are ideal for digging through hard rock and abrasive materials.
  • Ripper Teeth: Ripper teeth are used for breaking up compacted soil and hard surfaces, making them suitable for trenching and demolition work.
  • Specialty Teeth: Specialized bucket teeth are available for specific applications such as forestry, mining, and demolition.

GT Also SUpplies Quality Bucket Tooth Adapters

Bucket tooth adapters serve as the connecting link between the bucket and the bucket teeth.The primary functions of bucket tooth adapters include:

  • Secure Attachment: Adapters provide a secure attachment point for bucket teeth, preventing them from loosening or falling off during operation.
  • Load Distribution: Adapters distribute the digging forces evenly across the bucket, reducing stress on the equipment and enhancing durability.
  • Compatibility: Adapters ensure compatibility between different types of bucket teeth and excavator models.

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