Seal kits play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and functionality of an excavator's undercarriage system.They are designed to prevent the ingress of contaminants, such as dirt, water, and debris, into the undercarriage components.

  • Reduced Wear and Tear: By preventing the ingress of contaminants, seal kits minimize wear and tear on undercarriage components.
  • Enhanced Performance: Well-maintained seals ensure smooth operation of the undercarriage components.
  • Reduced Downtime: By preventing premature failure of undercarriage components.

GT - well-known China seal kits manufacturer and supplier. We may ensure quality seal kits of excavators for oversea customers.

Components of Seal Kits:

Seal kits for excavators typically include various types of seals, gaskets, and O-rings that are specifically designed to fit the undercarriage components. As China factory of undercarriage parts, not only GT may provides quality products with wholesale price, but we also offer OEM service as well. Please contact us through E-Mail:[email protected].

  • Track Chain Seals: These seals are installed between the track links to prevent the ingress of dirt and debris into the track chain.
  • Track Roller Seals: Track roller seals are designed to keep contaminants out of the track roller bearings.
  • Idler Seals: Idler seals prevent the ingress of contaminants into the idler bearings.
  • Sprocket Seals: Sprocket seals are used to seal the sprocket teeth.
  • Final Drive Seals: Final drive seals prevent the ingress of contaminants into the final drive gearboxes.

Tips For Maintenance and Replacement:

Seal kits are important components for excavators, or dozers. So we have to keep care about maintenance during use. As leading factory of dozer undercarriage parts in China, GT shows warmly tips below:

  • Regular inspection and maintenance of seal kits are essential to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Worn or damaged seals should be promptly replaced to prevent further damage.
  • It is recommended to use genuine OEM seal kits to ensure proper fit and performance. As reputed undercarriage parts manufacturer and supplier in China, GT may cooperate with foreign customers through OEM service.