High Strength One-Piece Forging 24y-89-30000 Shantui SD32 Dozer Ripper Shank

The Ripper Shank is a steel rock drilling tool used to cut holes in the soil or break rock. Its main functions include:
Ground Drilling: The Ripper Shank can easily penetrate different types of soil and rock, effectively opening holes or breaking hard ground.
Land leveling: It can be used in land leveling projects, through rock drilling and soil breaking, to make the ground flatter and provide a good foundation for other projects.
Building Demolition: The Ripper Shank can also be used to remove concrete or other strong materials in buildings or structures. Its sharp and strong features make demolition work more efficient.
Agricultural use: This product is a commonly used tool in the agricultural field and can be used to cut irrigation holes for planting crops, drainage ditches or other agricultural land preparation.
Pavement Restoration: In road maintenance and restoration, the Ripper Shank can be used to break up asphalt pavement, remove residual material, and provide a level base for road resurfacing.

Product Description

Xiamen Globe Truth (GT) Industries Co., Ltd.
Product Information forging Ripper Shank
Material 35CrMo
Finish Smooth
Colors Black or yellow
Technique Forging
Surface Hardness HRC50-56
Warranty Time 2000 hour (Normal life 4000 hours)
Certification ISO9001-9002
FOB Price FOB XIAMEN USD 50-450/piece
MOQ 2 piece
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established
Package Fumigate seaworthy packing
Payment Term (1) T/T,30% in deposit,balance on the receipt of copy of B/L(2)L/C,Irrevocable letter of credit at sight
Business Scope Bulldozer & excavator undercarriage parts,underground engage tools,hydraulic track press,hydraulic pump etc…



No. Description Part No. Model Weight
1 Ripper Shank 9J3139 D5,D6 63
2 Ripper Shank 8E5346 D8N,D9N 289
3 Ripper Shank 8E5347 D8N,D8R,D8T 365
4 Ripper Shank 8E5348 D9N,D9R 508
5 Ripper Shank 8E5339 D9N,D10R 425
8 Ripper Shank 107-3485 D9H,D8K 488
9 Ripper Shank 8E8411 D10N 635
12 Ripper Shank 8E8414 D9L,D10N, 555
13 Ripper Shank 8E8415 D9L,D10N,D10R,D10T 435
14 Ripper Shank 8E8416 D9L,D10N 680
15 Ripper Shank 1144503 D9R,D9T 560
16 Ripper Shank 118-2140 D10R,D10T 745
17 Ripper Shank 109-3135 D10R,D10T 905
10 Ripper Shank 8E8412 D10 840
11 Ripper Shank 8E8413 D10,D11N,D11R 580
18 Ripper Shank 104-9277 D11N,D11R 1043
1 Ripper Shank Adpter 8E8418 D8K,D9H,D8N 75
2 Ripper Shank Adpter 103-8115 D10,D10N,D10R 82
3 Ripper Shank Adpter 103-8115EXT D10,D10N,D10R 170
No. Description Part No. Model Weight
1 Ripper Shank 198-79-21320 D475 1030
2 Ripper Shank 195-79-51151 D375 607
3 Ripper Shank 195-79-31141 D275,D355 548
4 Ripper Shank 15A-79-11120 D155 363
5 Ripper Shank 175-78-21615 D155 283
6 Ripper Shank 24Y-89-30000 D155 461
7 Ripper Shank 131-78-31180 D50 60
1 Ripper Shank Adpter 175-78-21693 D155 94
2 Ripper Shank Adpter 195-78-14350 D275,D355 108
3 Ripper Shank Adpter 17M-78-21360 D275,D355 53
4 Ripper Shank Adpter 195-78-71380 D375 56
5 Ripper Shank Adpter 198-78-21430 D475 90


No. Description Part No. Model Weight
1 Ripper Shank 10Y-84-50000 SD13 54
2 Ripper Shank 16Y-84-30000 SD16 105
3 Ripper Shank 154-78-14348 SD22 156
4 Ripper Shank 175-78-21615 SD32 283
5 Ripper Shank 23Y-89-00100 SD22 206
6 Ripper Shank 24Y-89-30000 SD32 461
7 Ripper Shank 24Y-89-50000 SD32 466
8 Ripper Shank 31Y-89-07000 SD42 548
9 Ripper Shank 185-89-06000 SD52 576
10 Ripper Shank 1142-89-09000 SD90 1030


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