There have many excavator track adjuster assembly manufacturers and suppliers in the market. GT as a leading excavator track adjuster assembly manufacturer and supplier in China, our company supplies high-quality excavator track adjuster assembly with factory wholesale price. If you need the high-quality excavator track adjuster assembly. Please contact with us for step-forward cooperation. The excavator track adjuster assembly is a crucial component of an excavator's undercarriage system.

Function of Excavator Track Adjuster Assembly:

The primary function of the excavator track adjuster assembly is to adjust the tension of the excavator's tracks. Proper track tension is essential for the smooth operation of the excavator, preventing the tracks from slipping or derailing. It also minimizes wear and tear on the track components, extending their China company, we can promise you that we can preserve the high-quality excavator track adjuster assembly for you.

Materials of Excavator Track Adjuster Assembly By GT:

Steel: Steel is the primary material used for the excavator adjuster cylinder, excavator adjuster arm, and excavator idler. High-strength steel alloys are chosen for their strength and resistance to wear and tear. The high-quality material can promise the quality of products.

Components of Excavator Track Adjuster Assembly:

The Hitachi excavator track adjuster assembly typically consists of the following components:

  • Excavator Adjuster Cylinder: The excavator adjuster cylinder is a hydraulic cylinder that provides the force required to adjust the track tension.
  • Excavator Adjuster Arm: The excavator adjuster arm is connected to the adjuster cylinder and moves the idler to adjust the track tension.
  • Excavator Idler: The excavator idler is a wheel located at the rear of the undercarriage that supports the tracks and guides them as they move.
  • Excavator Track Adjuster Housing: The excavator track adjuster housing encloses the adjuster cylinder and protects it from dirt, debris, and damage.

Benefits Of GT Excavator Track Adjuster Assembly:

  • Thickness: The chrome plating has a thickness of 0.25 mm, precisely applied for uniform coverage.
  • Material: The base material that is chrome plated is 40Cr steel, a chromium alloy well-suited for plating due to its hardness and corrosion resistance. The material can promise the best performance to the machine.
  • Surface Finish: After chrome plating, the surface undergoes a high precision mirror polishing process. This results in a very smooth finish at the microscopic level.
  • Plating Process: A trivalent chromium plating technique is used to deposit a 0.25 mm thick layer of chromium onto the 40Cr steel substrate.
  • Polishing Process: To achieve the mirror finish, the plated surface is polished to very fine tolerances using precision equipment and techniques.

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