China KOMATSU Track Adjuster Tension Spring For D70(INNER)D8O(INNER)D85 D20PC60-7/PC70-7

The major function of track adjuster is to adjust the tension degree of track shoe assy. When thetrack shoe assywalks it will generate huge tension to let the idler move to sprocket, at the sametime, it will compress the track adjuster to let the track shoe assyloose,so the track adjusterhave a role of buffering and protecting.


Advantages of Track adjuster components

# key component of track adjuster
# material 40Cr
# Using high precision mirror polishing
# the thickness of chromeplating0.25mm,(electroplating 0.50mm then gringding to0.25mm to ensure surfacae hardness HB700)
# electroplating-grinding-heat treatment-sand blasting





Track adjuster details

# High strength spring steel
#Number of recoils is the same as original parts
# Roughness as well as original material
# Produce according to the OEM standards
# Taped end spring: stable, OEM need, stonger stress
# Standard spring option
# fully inspected






Track adjuster list

PC20-6 20S-30-31410
PC20R-8 20S-30-82130
PC40-5/6/7 20T-30-31210
PC45R-8/PC55 20T-30-82130
D70(INNER) 144-30-14150
D80(INNER) D85 154-30-12770
D20 101-30-21191
PC60-7/PC70-7 201-30-62312
PC60-6 201-30-62310
D30/D31 111-30-11752/113-30-24130
D30/D31 111-30-11752/113-30-24130
PC130-7/8 22B-30-11240
PC120-5/6/PC100 203-30-42242/203-30-66250
D41P-5 120-30-33311/21K-30-24142/1
D50 131-30-24540
D53P-16 135-30-34210
D355(INNER) 195-30-14142
PC200-8 20Y-30-42130
D60 141-30-34110
PC200-5/7 20Y-30-12110/20Y-30-12112
PC200-5H 20Y-30-12110
D65 134-30-63162
PC200-6/PC220-5/PC200LC-6/7 206-30-55170/206-30-55172
PC220-8/PC240-8 206-30-22130/206-30-22140
PC240-7 206-30-72111
PC300-6 207-30-19520
PC300-5 207-30-54140/154-30-11752/3P1885
D6R 2261340
PC300-5/6 207-30-54140/14Y-40-02003/14Z-30-31111
PC300-8 207-30-74160
PC300-7 207-30-74142
PC300-7 207-30-74142
PC400-5/6/7 208-30-54140/208-30-54141/208-30-74140
D155A-5/6 17A-30-43470
D155(OUTER)/D155A-2C 175-30-34180/175-30-44250
PC650 21M-30-14310


Track adjuster packing

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