KOMATSU and CATERPILLAR Track Roller With Single and Double Flag

Depending on the application, you can choose from a wide range of dozer and excavator track rollers:
Standard, single flange and double flange: for standard rollers
PLUS, Single Flange and Double Flange: with increased tread depth and flange height. Designed and manufactured with internal lubrication.

Track Roller Descriptipn

Material: 40CR or 50Mn
Surface Hardness: HRC50-58, depth 4mm-10mm
Colors: Black or yellow
Technique: Forging /casting
Warranty time:2000 working hours
Package: standard export wooden pallet
Delivery Time: Within 30 days after contract established
Place of origin:Fujian, China
MOQ: 2 pieces

Track Roller Drawing

Friction and shock loads transmitted from the track chain create heat within the roller. To withstand this, several quality steps are taken in the manufacturing of Komatsu and CAT Genuine OEM rollers.

Komatsu and CAT rollers are constructed of long wearing, heat resistant stellite material supported by rubber load rings that keep oil in and dirt out
Highly polished shafts and bronze bushings are used in Komatsu OEM rollers to reduce friction and extend roller life
Rollers have heat treated tread and flange areas for increased strength and longer wear life
Heavy duty mounting brackets secure rollers to track frames allowing the transmission of shock loads throughout the track frame, thereby reducing potential damage
Reservoir cavities in roller shells and shafts feed lubricant throughout the roller’s interior to reduce damage-causing heat
Surface hardness of the roller’s outer shell reduces the wear caused by friction. Hardness decreases toward the inner bore to avoid brittleness and provide absorption of shock loads
Greater flange height on Komatsu OEM rollers provides maximum track alignment and machine stability under any operating conditions

Track Roller Descriptipn

D20 15 D3C 23 Single Flange
24 Double Flange
D31 28 D3K 24 Single Flange
31 25 Double Flange
D41-3 46 D4D, D5G D4H, D5M 46 Single Flange
49 49 Double Flange
D50 48 D5, D5B,D6M,D6K 48 Single Flange
52 52 Double Flange
D51EX 40 D6, 963K,D6R D6H 53 Single Flange
43.5 59 Double Flange
D61EX-12 50 D7G,D7R 69 Single Flange
52 78 Double Flange
D65 SD16
53 D7H 68 Single Flange
60 76 Double Flange
D85A-18 SD22
71 D8L/N/R/T 91 Single Flange
80 97 Double Flange
109 D8K D8H 109 Single Flange
120 122 Double Flange
D155AX-3/5/6 106 D9N/R/T 109 Single Flange
118 115 Double Flange
119 D9L 125 Single Flange
128 131 Double Flange
D355A-3/-6 155 D9G D9H 155 Single Flange
165 165 Double Flange
D375A-1 145 D10N/R 149 Single Flange
158 158 Double Flange
D375A-2/5 148 D11N/R Single Flange
162 Double Flange


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