D155 Bulldozer Roller

The function of D155 carrier rollers is to carry the track link upwards, make certain things are linked tightly, and enable the machine to work faster and more steadily . Our products use special steel and produced by new process. Every procedure goes through strict inspection and the property of compressive resistance and tension resistance can be ensured.

Product Information

Name:Hitachi ZX70 Top Roller/Carrier Roller
Color:Black or Yellow
Technique:Forging casting
Surface Hardness:HRC48-54,deepth:4mm-10mm
Warranty time:2000 hour
Advantages / Features:

Our products are developed based on special high-quality steel. Noted from the hardness distribution curve which is made through inspecting to the anatomized idlers: reasonable hardness distribution curve, high hardness, good wear-resitant and long use-life.

Product List

We have a wide range of top rollers, below are some models for your reference:

Item Makers Machine Model Genuie Parts No. Berco no. Weight(Kg)
Carrier Roller D20-5 VE 103-30-00010/103-30-00011 KM913 15
Carrier Roller D20-6.7 103-30-00131 11.7
Carrier Roller D30-17~20 VE 113-30-00112 KM778 20
Carrier Roller D31PX-21 11Y-30-00031 18.7
Carrier Roller D40-1~5/D50-15~18 141-30-00110/131-30-00316/
KM103 27.8
Carrier Roller D41-6 124-30-53000 KM2379 18.3
Carrier Roller D61 134-30-00110 KM2872 25.3
Carrier Roller D60-6 141-30-00568/141-30-00566/
KM118 32.5
Carrier Roller D65EX-12 14X-30-00141 KM2105 34.3
Carrier Roller D80-18 155-30-00233/155-30-00235/
KM120 34
Carrier Roller D150A-1/D155A-1 175-30-00515/175-30-00517/
KM124 51
Carrier Roller D275A-5 17M-30-00340 KM3601 67
Carrier Roller D355A-1 195-30-00106/195-30-00103/
KM578 72.3
Carrier Roller D375A-1 195-30-00580 KM2160 70.5
Carrier Roller D375A-2,3 195-30-01040 KM1281 72.6
Carrier Roller JOHN DEERE 450G AT167254 ID355 21.4
Carrier Roller JOHN DEERE 650G AT167256 ID790 26.3
Carrier Roller JOHN DEERE 650H CR2880 20.5
Carrier Roller JOHN DEERE 700H/750C AT175426 CR4799/ID1450 30.5
Carrier Roller JOHN DEERE 850C AT175999 CR4800/ID1460 37.3
Carrier Roller CASE 850/1150 R33965/D48684 CA349 20.6
Carrier Roller CASE 1150B R33594/R25680 CA423 27.9
Carrier Roller DRESSER TD15B/TD15C 609600C93 IN3225 30
Carrier Roller DRESSER TD20E 636878C91 38.8
Carrier Roller DRESSER TD25E FRONT 700475C93 55.8
Carrier Roller DRESSER TD25E REAR 345755R93 53.6

We are OEM supplier for V-track, ITR about undercarriage parts for over 21 years. Therefore, our quality is first-class level,could minimize the downtime of machine operations.

Advantages / Features

Carrier Roller, Suitable for Daewoo, Hitachi, Hyundai
Quality Guarantee ,OEM dimension ,wholesale,retail

We offer thousands of high performance and reliable parts (especially in undercarriage parts) for construction equipments
Model: IHI50,310

Materials: 45# steel
Round body with high quality alloy steel, through the whole heating quenching and tempering to increase the service life of supporting wheels
High hardness, suitable for mine use
Shaft using high-quality manganese steel, quenched and tempered, high-frequency processing, to meet the needs of high-intensity operations

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