D8K D8R D9R D9N D9L D9G D10R D10N D9 D10 Dozer Front Idler

The idler is made of idler shell, shaft, brackets, Bi-metallic Bearings and seal group. It is made by casting or forging, machining, heat treatment, assembly, painting etc

Product Information

Material SCMn3A
Finish Smooth
Colors Black or yellow
Technique Forging
Surface Hardness HRC51-58,deepth:4mm-10mm
Warranty time 2000 hours
Certification ISO9001-9002
FOB Price FOB Xiamen USD 20-250/Piece
MOQ 2 pieces
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established


We are OEM supplier for V-track, ITR about undercarriage parts for over 21 years. Therefore, our quality is first-class level,could minimize the downtime of machine operations.

Advantages / Features

Undercarriage is adopting through hardening system and spraying quenching system while complying with the stringent ISO System. We are able to assure the part has excellent wear resistance even in the most severe working conditions.

We are using advance machining centre,horizontal and vertical CNC machining to execute processes such as machining, drilling, threading and milling to ensure the qulity and precision of each component to ensure the accuracy of assembly dimensions. This is to maximize the life span of each component and minimize production cost per hour.

Partial list

Below excavator undercarriage parts all can be produced which according to OEM standard.

Part No. Model Description (kg)
E110B,E120B,311,312 Idler Group 90
7Y1601,1132907 E200B,EL200B,315,318,320 Idler Group 135
E240,E240B, -C Idler Group 120
CR5127 225- 6.91″7.50″PITCH Idler Group 160
CR5132 235 Idler Group 270
115-6337 322B Idler Group 132
1028155 325 Idler Group 170
1028152, 7Y0762 330 Idler Group 240
1156366 345 Idler Group 255
1358903 350 Idler Group 270
365 Idler Group 525
135-8904 375,385 Idler Group 590
E300B Idler Group 198
2T0048,2154459 615/623 Bottom Idler Idler Group 77
2154458,2T0047 615/623 Center Idler Idler Group 40
3G7490 615/623 Upper roller Roller Group 18
3G0897, 3J4778 631-657 Floor roller Roller Group 21
633C,D BOTTOM IDLER Idler Group 80
9N4173 D3B,C,G/D4B,C,G Idler Group 110
D5C-D5G Idler Group 175
7P9017 953 Idler Group 180
7T3501 WS3 D5B W/O BRACKETS Idler Group less bracket 135
7P2719 963 Idler Group 195
190-1534 D4H (475mm) Idler Group 81
190-1551 D4H (500mm) Idler Group 90
190-1546 D5H,D6M Idler Group 112
6L9210 D6D with brackets Idler Group 170
D5H, 517 Skidder Idler Group 160
151-4587 D6H,D6R (545mm) Idler Group 147
6T3216 D6H,D6R (570mm) Idler Group 159
135-9896, 6Y2031 D7H, D7R (585mm) Idler Group 240
192-0216 D7H,D7R (628mm) Idler Group 260
6L9212 D8H,K W/ BRACKETS Idler Group 329
111-1729 D8N/R/T (620mm)- rear Idler Group 300
D8N/R/T rear with Landfill guarding Idler Group 300
111-1730 D8N/R/T (698mm)- front Idler Group 350
D8N/R/T- front with Landfill guarding Idler Group 350
125-4655 D9N/R/T Idler Group 450
D9N/R/T with Landfill guarding Idler Group 450
9W9734 D10N/R/T Idler Group 590
9W9650 D11N/R/T Idler Shell Idler Shell 930

Fit for CAT dozer undercarriage parts all can be produced

D4 D5 D3C D4D D4H D4E D5M D5H D6
D6M D7 D6M D6R D6D D6C D6H D6T D6G
D7G D7R D7H D8 D8N D8K D8R D75 D85
D9R D9N D9L D9G D10R D10N D9 D10 D10T
D11 D20 D21 D31 D30 D37

Fit for komatsu dozer undercarriage parts all can be produced

D20 D31-18 D31 D50 D60 D60P D61PX-12 D61EX D65A
D65P D65P-12 D65EX-16 D61PX-12 D65EX D65E8 D65A D65E-12 D65P
D68ess-12 D75 D80 D85 D85A-18 D85ESS-2 D85ESS-2A D155 D155A-1
D155A1 D155A-5 D155A-6 D275A-5 D355 D355A1

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