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We can supply all your mining equipment parts & heavy machinery mining parts. We provide parts & components for a wide range of mining equipement & heavy machinery including lifts, drills, loaders, roof bolters or any other mining equipment. Some of our mining and machinery parts include drive shafts, filters, axles, bushings, and hydraulic components. We can source parts from all the top trusted manufactuers including (but not limited to) JCB, Komatsu, Volvo, Caterpillar, Tapco & Bobcat.

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Mining Spare Parts-Track roller Carrier Roller Track Link Segment

Types of Heavy Mining Equipment and Machinery

Articulated Hauler
Sometimes called an articulated dump truck (ADT), or dump hauler. This is a very large dump truck used to transport loads over rough terrain, and occasionally on public roads. They’re usually all-wheel drive and consist of two parts.

A rotary drill that uses a screw device to penetrate, break, and transport drilled coal.

Ball Mill
A steel cylinder filled with steel balls into which crushed ore is fed. As it rotates, the balls are agitating which grinds the ore.

Belt Conveyor
A looped belt for carrying coal or other materials. Normally a flame-resistant material or a rubber-like substance.

A telescopic, hydraulically powered steel arm that can have equipment such as drifter drills, man baskets, and hydraulic hammers.

Bridge Carrier
A mobile conveyor used as an intermediate unit to create a system of articulated conveyors. For example, between a mining machine and another area or conveyor.

Bucket Chain Excavator (BCE)
A piece of heavy equipment used in surface mining and dredging. BCEs use buckets on a revolving chain to remove large quantities of material. They remove material from below their plane of movement – which is useful if the pit floor is unstable or underwater.

Item Mfg Machine Model OEM P/N
Track Roller KOMATSU PC1250 21N-30-00121
Carrier Roller 21N-30-00130
Front Idler 21N-30-00110
Sprocket 21N-27-31191
Track Roller PC2000 21T-30-00211
Carrier Roller 21T-30-00220
Front Idler 21T-30-00381
Sprocket 21T-27-71173
Track Roller PC3000 429-235-40
Carrier Roller 429-230-40
Front Idler 429-223-40
Sprocket 675-899-40
Track Roller PC5500 913-524-40
Carrier Roller 944-288-40
Front Idler 575-630-40
Sprocket 929-320-40
Track Roller HITACHI EX1200-6 4666752
Carrier Roller 4638433
Front Idler 4666751
Sprocket 4661591
Track Roller EX1800/1900 9173146
Carrier Roller 4349519
Front Idler 9064302
Sprocket 4451622
Track Roller EX2500/2600 4352140
Carrier Roller 9173150
Front Idler 9134236
Sprocket 1029150
Track Roller EX3500/3600 4317447
Carrier Roller 9066271
Front Idler 9185119
Sprocket 1029151
Track Roller EX5500/5600 4627351
Carrier Roller 9161433
Front Idler 1025104
Sprocket 1029152
Track Roller CATERPILLAR CAT6015 2307162
Carrier Roller 4304195
Front Idler 4304193
Track Roller CAT6020 4622451
Carrier Roller 4749145
Front Idler 4752636
Track Roller O&K RH120E/CAT 6030 3674031
Carrier Roller 3664636
Front Idler 2451815
Sprocket 2760154
Track Roller O&K RH170 / CAT6040 3700541
Carrier Roller 3674031
Front Idler 2763192
Sprocket 3719892
Track Roller O&K RH200 /CAT6050/CAT6060 2765689
Carrier Roller 3674031
Front Idler 2707843
Sprocket 2450912
Track Roller Liebherr R984 5610544
Carrier Roller 749071714
Front Idler 5613494/11080850
Sprocket 9807009
Track Roller R9100 10008019
Carrier Roller 749071714
Front Idler 10475473/12262313
Sprocket 11750729/9807009
Track Roller R9250 10032745
Carrier Roller 5606544
Front Idler 10041586
Sprocket 9829554
Track Roller R9350 10016672/ 12262306
Carrier Roller 10043157/ 12262309
Front Idler 10016673
Sprocket 10384006/ 10384006
Track Roller R9400 10802371
Carrier Roller 10802368
Front Idler
Track Roller R996 10095447
Carrier Roller
Front Idler
Track Roller R9800 11837947
Carrier Roller
Front Idler


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