As one of the leading excavator track chain manufacturers and suppliers based in China, GT supplies durable products to keep equipment performing globally. For over two decades, we have partnered closely with mining, construction, and industrial customers worldwide. Meanwhile, excavator chain configurations are customized to equipment specifications to deliver optimal power transmission and service life. Our excavator track link bolts are manufactured to meet CATERPILLAR specifications for reliable interchangeability. Due to these features, our company stand out from the same type manufactures and suppliers.

The excavator track chain, also known as the excavator crawler chain, is a vital component of an excavator’s undercarriage system.

Function of Excavator Track Chain:

The primary function of the excavator track chain is to provide a stable and flexible support structure for the excavator. It absorbs the forces and vibrations generated during digging and movement, ensuring smooth operation and stability. The excavator track chain also distributes the excavator’s weight evenly, reducing ground pressure and minimizing damage to sensitive surfaces.

GT Provides Material Specification And Heat Treatment of Excavator Track Chains Link Bolts

The consistent use of 35MnB steel and optimized surface hardening treatment provides strength, wear resistance and fatigue endurance for the critical excavator track chain and attachment components:

  • Material: 35MnB steel
  • Surface Hardness: 50-56 HRC
  • Hardened Case Depth: 6mm (standard 4-8mm)
  • Heat Treatment: Surface hardening process

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