Durable Polyurethane Track Pads for Excavators

Polyurethane track pads are available in various hardness levels, typically ranging from 90 to 96 Shore A Durometer, with options for softer pads rated at 85 Shore A Durometer for improved traction. Manufacturers like EVERPADS, Gallagher, and Dynatect offer polyurethane track pads with features such as long-lasting, thicker pads, optimal balance between abrasion resistance and coefficient of friction, and superior abrasion resistance due to proprietary urethane formulations.

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Durable Polyurethane Track Pads for Excavators

Polyurethane track pads are components used in heavy machinery, such as excavators and bulldozers, to reduce wear and tear on the undercarriage. These track pads are made of polyurethane, a durable and versatile material known for its resistance to abrasion, oil, and chemicals. They provide traction and protect the ground surface from damage. Polyurethane track pads are often preferred for their longevity and performance in demanding working conditions.


Longer-Life: Superior abrasion resistance
Fewer Change-Outs: Reduce downtime
Quick Installation: Bolt-on design is versatile and easy to install
Quality & Consistency: Computer controlled valves and scale ensures precise urethane formulation
Make it Your Own: Color and other customization available


Premium grade urethane to provide the best combination of durability, traction, and maneuverability.
Guaranteed not to delaminate.
Large clearance holes for easier mounting.
Lasts at least 4 times longer than rubber pads.
Sizes and bolt-hole designs to retrofit most track applications.
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Durable Polyurethane Track Pads for Excavators

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