Bulldozer D2 D3B D3C D3G D4D D4E D4H D5 Track Chain Track Link

Our track chain link assembly are specifically designed, engineered and manufactured,use high quality raw material,all made by OEM quality and reliable.It can be customized

Link test report for material Mechanical Property Metallograph

1.Chemical Analysis
Spec. 0.32-0.37 0.15-0.35 1.1-1.4 <=0.20 <=0.03 0.01-0.03 0.0005-0.0003
Test Items C% Si% Mn% Cr% P% S% B% Result
Test Result 0.35 0.28 1.29 0.02 0.011 0.01 0.00074 Qualified
2.Mechanical Property
Requirement >=785MPa >=980MPa >=10% >=45% >=47
Test Items Yield Strength ReH/Mpa Tensile Strength Rm/Mpa Elongation A(%) Reduction of Area Impact Ductility Aku(J/cm) Result
Test Result 970 1080 13 55.5 77.7 Qualified

Bulldozer D2 D3B D3C D3G D4D D4E D4H D5 Track Chain Track Link

Tracl Link List

CATERPILLAR D2 LINK(35L) 1/2 155.57 KU039-N2-35 LH1A/35
LINK(35L) 9/16 155.57 KU039-N0-35 AK13
D3B LINK(39L) 155.57 KU040-P0-39 CR3657
D3C LINK(36L, SPLIT) 155.57 KU040-S0-36 CR4749
LINK(36L, LUB) 155.57 KU040-L0-36 CR4746
D3G 155.57 KU040-L2-00 CR6616
D4D LINK(38L, STD)5/8 171.45 KU041-P0-38 CR2849/CR4858
LINK(36L, STD)9/16 171.45 KU041-P1-00 CR2567B
D4E LINK(36L, SPLIT) 171.45 KU041-S0-35 CR3628
LINK(38L, LUB) 171.45 KU041-L0-38 CR3519
D4H LINK(39L, LUB) 171.5 KU046-L0-39 CR5192
D5 LINK(39L, STD) 175.4 KU042-P0-39 CR2823
LINK(39L, SPLIT) 175.4 LU042-S0-39 CR3627
LINK(39L, LUB) 175.4 KU042-L0-39 CR3520
D5H LINK(37L, LUB) 190 KU047-L0-37 CR4805
D6B LINK(40L, STD) 171.5 KU063-W0-40 CR1998
D6H? LINK(39L, LUB) 202.8 KU048-L0-39 CR4810
D6C/D LINK(36L, STD) 203.2 KU043-W0-36 CR3176/CR6010
LINK(36L, SPLIT) 203.2 KU043-S0-36 CR3307
LINK(36L, LUB) 203.2 KU043-L0-36 CR3309
D6H 203.2 KU048-L0-00 CR6587
D7 LINK41L) 203.2 KU079-W1-41 CR1769/CR5060
D7H LINK(40L, LUB) 215.9 KU049-L0-40 CR5069
D7G LINK(49L, STD) 215.9 KU044-W1-49 CR4235
LINK(38L, STD) 215.9 KU044-W0-38 CR2576
LINK(38L, SPLIT) 215.9 KU044-S0-38 CR3308
LINK(38L, LUB) 215.9 KU044-L0-38 CR3116
D8H,K LINK(41L, STD) 229 KU045-W0-41 CR2877
LINK(41L, SPLIT) 229 KU045-S0-41 CR2701
LINK(41L, LUB) 229 KU045-L0-41 CR3149
D8N(D8R) LINK(44L, LUB) 215.9 KU034-L0-44 CR4525
D9G,D9H LINK(39L, STD) 260.4 KU035-W0-39 CR2154
LINK(39L, SPLIT) 260.4 KU035-S0-39 CR2672
LINK(39L, LUB) 260.4 KU035-L0-39 CR3153
D9L 228.6 KU137-L0-00 CR6446
D9N LINK(43L, LUB) 240 KU036-L0-43 CR4653
D10N LINK(44L, LUB) NON PPR 260 KU037-L0-44
LINK(44L, LUB)PPR KU037-L1-44 CR5038
D4E-EWL/943 LINK(38L, LUB) 171.07 KU041-E0-38 CR4261
D5B-EWL/953 LINK(40L, LUB) 175.4 KU042-E0-40 CR4264
D6D-EWL/963 LINK(36L, LUB) 203.2 KU043-E0-36 CR4267
D7G-EWL/973 LINK(40L, LUB) 3/4 215.9 KU044-E0-40 CR4268
LINK(40L, LUB) 7/8 215.9 KU044-E1-40 CR4700
D4H-HD,D5M LINK(44L, LUB) 171.5 KU046-D0-44 CR5552
D5H-HD,D6M LINK(46L, LUB) 190 KU047-D0-46 CR5465
D6H-HD, D6R LINK(45L, LUB) 203.2 KU048-D0-45 CR5534
D7R LINK(40L, LUB) 215.9 KU049-D0-40 CR5574
KOMATSU D20 LINK(37L, STD) 135 KU001-P0-37 KM906
D30/31 LINK(41L, STD) 154 LU042-W0-41 KM239
LINK(41L, SPLIT) 154 KU020-S0-41 KM728
LINK(41L, LUB) 154 KU020-L0-41 KM727
D40/53 LINK(38L, STD)55.35mm 175.5 KU021-L1-38 KM62
LINK(39L, LUB) 175.5 KU021-L0-39 KM489
D50 LINK(38L, SPLIT) 175.5 KU021-S0-38 KM492
LINK(38L, LUB) 175.5 KU021-L0-38
D50 LINK(39L, STD)58.5mm 175.5 KU021-P0-39
LINK(39L, SPLIT) 175.5 KU021-S0-39 KM861
D60 LINK(39L, STD) 190 KU005-W0-39 KM64?
D60/65 LINK(39L, STD) 203.2 KU022-P0-39 KM953
LINK(39L, SPLIT) 203.2 KU022-S0-39 KM952
LINK(39L, LUB) 203.2 KU022-L0-39 KM951
D65EX-15(HD) 203.2 KU018-L0-00 KM3467
D61PX-12 LINK(46L, LUB) 190 KU023-L0-46 KM2868
D80/85 LINK(38L, STD) 215.9 KU009-P4-38 KM1103
LINK(38L, SPLIT) 215.9 KU009-S0-38 KM1102
LINK(38L, LUB) 215.9 KU009-L0-38 KM1099
D85EX-15undev 216 KU016-L0-00 KM3904
D85ESS-2 LINK(42L, STD) 203.2 KU024-P0-42 KM2095
LINK(42L, LUB) 203.2 KU024-L0-42 KM2094
D155A-1 LINK(41L, STD) 228.6 KU025-W0-41 KM325
LINK(41L, SPLIT) 228.6 KU025-S0-41 KM495
LINK(41L, LUB, NO SPLIT) 228.6 KU025-L1-41
LINK(41L, LUB) 228.6 KU025-L0-41 KM425
D155A-2 LINK(41L, STD) 228.6 KU027-W0-41 KM2661
LINK(41L, SPLIT) 228.6 KU027-S0-41 KM1270
LINK(41L, LUB) 228.6 KU027-L0-41 KM1267
D275A-5 260.4 KU029-L0-00
D355A-3 LINK(39L, STD) 260.4 KU026-W0-39 KM596
LINK(39L, SPLIT) 260.4 KU026-S0-39 KM649
LINK(39L, LUB) 260.4 KU026-L0-39 KM426
D375A-1 LINK(42L, LUB) 260.35 KU028-L0-42 KM1037
D375A-3 LINK(40L, LUB) 280 KU028-L0-40 KM1274
CASE 350 LINK(33L) 149.225 26-L0-33 CA307
450 LINK(37L) 149.225 KU028-L0-37 CA274
450C LINK(36L, STD) 152.4 KU086-P0-36 CA744
LINK(36L, LUB) 152.4 KU086-L0-36 CA725
850D LINK(38L) 158,75 KU111-P0-38 CA695
LINK(38L, LUB) 158,75 KU111-L0-38 CA669
550E/G LINK(37L, STD) 159.8 KU095-P0-37 CA865
LINK(37L, LUB) 159.8 KU095-L0-37 CA864
1150D/E LINK(40L, STD) 169.8 KU097-P0-40 CA706
LINK(43L, LUB) 169.8 KU097-L0-43 CA681
850E LINK(35L, STD)9/16 171
LINK(36L,STD)9/16 171 KU092-W0-36
LINK(38L, STD) 9/16 171 KU092-W0-38 R56723
LINK(35L, LUB)9/16 171
LINK(36L, LUB)9/16 171 KU092-L0-36
LINK(38L, LUB) 9/16 171 KU092-L0-38
LINK(38L, STD) 5/8 171 KU092-W1-38
LINK(38L, LUB) 5/8 171 KU092-L1-38 CA847
CASE1450B LINK(36L, STD) 202.8 KU112-W0-36 CA483
LINK(36L, SPLIT) 202.8 KU112-S0-36 CA575
LINK(36L, LUB) 202.8 KU112-L0-36 CA574
JOHN DEERE JD350? LINK(36L) 146 ID40
JD350D LINK(36L) 146 ID627
450E/G LINK(36L, STD) 9/16″ 159.8 KU087-W1-36 ID781
LINK(36L, LUB) 9/16″ 159.8 KU087-L1-36 ID782
LINK(37L, LUB) 9/16″, 54mm 159.8 KU087-L3-37 ID1354
450C LINK(37L, STD) 159.8 ID372
450B/D LINK(37L, STD) 1/2″,? 159.8 KU087-W0-37 ID567
LINK(39L, LUB) 1/2″ 159.8 KU087-L2-39 ID595
DRESSER TD6, TD7 LINK(34L, WASHER) 152.4 KU101-W0-37 IN2755
TD7G,TD8G LINK(34L, WASHER) KU084-W0-34 IN3454
? LINK(34L, LUB) 164.84 KU084-L0-34 IN3450
TD9 LINK(36L, WASHER) KU102-W0-36 IN2557
TD15C LINK(39L, SPLIT) 190.25 KU091-S0-39 IN3252
? LINK(39L, LUB) 190.25 KU091-L0-39 IN3251
TD15E LINK(39L, SPLIT) 202.8 KU076-S0-39 IN3411
LINK(39L, LUB) 202.8 KU076-L0-39 IN3421
TD20E LINK(39L, LUB) 215.9 KU105-L0-39 IN3253
TD25E LINK(38L, WASHER) 250.4 KU077-W0-38 IN2631
LINK(38L, SPLIT) 250.4 KU077-S0-38 IN3256
LINK(38L, LUB) 250.4 KU077-L0-38 IN3255


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