GT introduce Buckets To Foreign Customers

A bucket for excavators is an attachment used to dig, scoop, or move materials in construction and earthmoving projects. It is typically attached to the end of an excavator's arm and can be used for various purposes.

For over 20 years, GT Industries has been a trusted partner for undercarriage and work tool components. As a leading China excavator bucket manufacturer and supplier, we provide quality buckets for excavators in kinds of types, and offer durable solutions engineered for demanding job sites.


Common Several Types Of Buckets For Excavators

Actually, there are many types of excavators bucket, however, GT will introduce them according to its shape and functions below:

  • Standard Bucket: This is the most common type of bucket used for general digging and loading tasks. It has a curved shape and a smooth edge for easy penetration into the ground.
  • Rock Bucket: This type of bucket has a reinforced structure and sharp teeth, making it suitable for digging in hard or rocky terrain.
  • Ditching Bucket: A ditching bucket has a narrow shape and a flat bottom, making it ideal for creating trenches or ditches.
  • Skeleton Bucket: This bucket has gaps between its teeth, allowing for the sifting of fine materials, such as sand or gravel, while retaining larger rocks or debris.
  • Clamshell Bucket: A clamshell bucket has two hinged buckets that can open and close, allowing it to pick up and carry loose materials, such as soil or sand.
  • V-Bucket: This bucket has a V-shaped bottom, making it suitable for digging narrow trenches or ditches.

Main 2 Products To Be Recommanded By GT

GT brand hydraulic thumbbuckets

Hydraulic ThumbBucket uses a thumb to help your excavatorfor various material handling applications.

ThumbBucket works by using hydraulic pressure to control the movement of the thumb. The thumb can be opened and closed to grip and release materials, allowing for more precise control and handling of objects. This attachment is commonly used in construction and excavation projects to improve efficiency.

A ThumbBucket can be attached to various types of buckets for excavators, including standard buckets, rock buckets or skeleton buckets. It is not a type of bucket itself, but rather an attachment that can be added to different types of buckets for added functionality.

GT provides quality hydraulic rotating grabs

A Hydraulic Rotating Grab, also known as a grapple, is an attachment for excavators that can rotate 360 degrees and has two or more jaws that can open and close to grip and hold materials.

There is a relation between Hydraulic Rotating Grab and Hydraulic ThumbBucket in that both use hydraulic pressure to control their movements. However, a ThumbBucket is specifically designed to be added to a standard bucket, while a Hydraulic Rotating Grab is a standalone attachment.