Construction Excavator Bucket with Different Type Digging Bucket V-Shaped Bucket Rock Bucket

Excavator buckets are important components in the construction industry and are used in various operations under relatively harsh conditions such as light mining, hard excavation, and loading of small rocks. Our line of excavator buckets is designed to meet all your needs, from excavation buckets to V-buckets, rock buckets, clean-up buckets, skeleton buckets and trenching buckets. Our excavator buckets feature a robust design and high-quality materials to ensure efficient and seamless operation on your job site.

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Excavation buckets are one of the most popular types of excavator buckets and are used for digging soil, rock, and other materials. Our excavation buckets are designed for optimum performance in challenging terrain, and their reinforced construction allows them to withstand high stress and pressure. They come in different sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose the product that best suits your excavator and task requirements.

For tasks that require the removal of boulders or rocks, our rock buckets are the ultimate solution. The rock bucket is specially designed with heavy-duty teeth and excellent penetration, allowing it to dig deep and remove large rocks effortlessly. Our rock buckets boast solid construction and long-lasting durability, ensuring it will serve you for a long time without wear and tear.

Designed for tasks like digging, shoveling and hauling debris, our clean-up buckets make life easier on the job site. Its open bottom design allows for efficient and direct debris transport, saving time and effort. Our cleaning buckets are designed to meet all your cleaning requirements, ensuring you get the job done right the first time.

Skeleton buckets are the ultimate choice for digging attachments when it comes to tasks that require sifting through material. It features a robust design with spaced teeth, allowing it to screen material while retaining larger debris. Our skeleton buckets are ideal for soil screening and sorting, landscaping and construction projects. It’s extremely durable, able to withstand high-stress work environments and work seamlessly in all types of terrain.

Designed for narrow and deep digging tasks such as trenching, our trenching buckets have a narrow, pointed shape that makes them suitable for tight spaces. The strong cutting edges of our trenching buckets ensure accurate and precise digging, while their robust construction allows them to withstand the high stress conditions of jobsites. It is the perfect addition to your excavation equipment for all trenching and excavation requirements.

Excavator Bucket(Standard Bucket/Rock Bucket/Mud Bucket/Cleaning Bucket)
PC20 CAT312 R55 ZX30 DX55 SK30 EC55
PC30 CAT315 R140 ZX60 DX70 SK75 EC140
PC50 CAT320 R160 ZX70 DX80 SK60 EC220
PC200 CAT325 R75 ZX130 DX140 SK130 EC250
PC300 CAT330 R150 ZX210 DX300 SK220 EC300
PC60 CAT336 R210 ZX200 DX420 SK210 EC380
PC100 CAT345 R290 ZX220 DX220 SK380 EC400
PC150 CAT416 R320 ZX260 DX225 SK140 EC450
PC400 CAT307 R225 ZX300 DX350 SK350 EC460
PC450 CAT308 R375 ZX350 DX370 SK200 EC480
PC500 CAT390 R350 ZX370 DX400 SK250 EC500
PC650 R550 ZX520 DX520 SK260 EC550
PC710 ZX730 SK330 EC750
PC1000 ZX900 SK460 EC950
PC1250 EX1200 SK550

In summary, our line of excavator buckets are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of excavation tasks. Each bucket is designed and manufactured to the highest quality using premium materials, ensuring durability and seamless performance. Whether you need excavation buckets, V-buckets, rock buckets, clean-up buckets, skeleton buckets or trenching buckets, we’ve got you covered. If you have any excavation requirements, please feel free to contact us!

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