Cat Hydraulic Excavator Buckets

Cat Hydraulic Excavators are the industry standard for construction, performance, power and versatility. Cat Excavator Buckets match the machine to the job and provide the best possible performance in your particular application.

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1 Hinge Optimized reinforced construction for high strength and performance matched to the machine‘s power. Pin on or dedicated hinges are available,

2 Hinge Plates Pass through torque tube for better load distribution and durability.

3 Sidebar Pre-drilled to add sidebar protection.

4 Side Plate

5 Side Wear Plates Side plates meet up with bottom wear plates for seamless corner protection.* High strength steel utilized for added protection.

6 Base Edge Straight or “spade”, depending on application.

7 Gussets For maximum rigidity.

8 Adjuster Group Allows for easy correction for wear between the stick and bucket.

9 Teeth (Tips) Forged from steel with properties that maintain hardness for long wear life in tough digging applications.

10 Sidecutters & Sidebar Protectors For protection and penetration.

11 2-Strap Adapters

13 Horizontal Bottom Wear Plates Protects wrapper area and reinforces bucket for greater strength and rigidity. Easily replaced.
14 Lift Eye Larger loop and thinner eye design* for easy shackle matching.

High strength microalloyed and T1 equivalent, high-strength, quenched and tempered steel: 90,000+ psi yield strength.
400 Brinell, high-strength, abrasionresistant steel: 135,000 psi yield strength. 30% more wear resistant than T1.
Bucket shaded to differentiate material types. Actual buckets are Cat yellow.

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