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Cutting edges and blades are the primary components attached to the excavator’s bucket that come into direct contact with the ground or excavated material.

Functions of Cutting Edges And Blades

  • Digging and Excavation: Cutting edges and blades provide the necessary cutting force to penetrate and break through various types of soil and materials.
  • Material Handling: They assist in scooping, lifting, and transporting excavated materials.
  • Grading and Leveling: Cutting edges and blades are used for grading and leveling surfaces during construction projects.

Materials of Cutting Edges and Blades

Cutting edges and blades are typically made from high-strength steel alloys to withstand the demanding conditions of excavation work.

  • Carbon Steel: Carbon steel is a durable and cost-effective material commonly used for cutting edges and blades.
  • Alloy Steel: Alloy steel offers increased strength and wear resistance compared to carbon steel.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel provides excellent corrosion resistance and is often used in wet or corrosive environments.

GT Cutting Edge With High Quality

That’s where the forged 9W8552RC rock bucket teeth for CAT J550 come in. These rock teeth are compatible with various bevel adapters such as 6i6554 (60mm) and 1U1553 (60mm), as well as other bucket adapters for excavators. They are designed to work with pin 6Y8558 and retainer 8E5559.

Forged for strength and durability:
The 9W8552RC rock bucket teeth are available in both casting and forging production processes. However, the forged option is preferred for its superior strength and durability. These teeth are specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of construction and mining.