Komatsu Dozer Blade Cutting Edge 4T6381

Used for excavator, bulldozer, loader etc.
Material usually used are GB80 and boron steel 30mnb
Hardness for 30mnb material is 400-520hb
Hardness for GB80 material is 260-300hb
We could offer standard ones like 5d9553, 5d9554 etc., we could also make according to your drawings or samples.

Product information

Dozer blades information

Name Dozer blades, blade cutting edge
Part No. 4T6381
Unit weight 97.7kgs
Dimension 1353*330*30 9*1″
Bolt and nut 4J9208+ 2J3507
Alternative part no. 3G9264
Application CAT Dozer D8N
Service OEM Part Number or Customized
Popular item 7T9125, 6Y5540, 4T6381, 7T5702, 9W1878, 4T3004,4T3009 , 4T8940, 4T2315, 4T2988, 3G4282 , 4T6659 , 4T3010 , 7T9126, 7T3492, 9U8057 , 9W5232, 9W4500, 9W7043, 9W6656, 9W4494, 135-9395, 4T6230, 112-2471 ,T198126, T120980,T120979, T162841, 710088S, 710064S, 720074NS, etc.
Material Heat-treated Manganese Steel 16Mn and Heat-treated Boron Steel 30MnB
Color Yellow or as customer required
Logo No logo or customer logo by painting or stamping
Package Plywood Pallets with plastic wrap
MOQ 1000kg for one order
Delivery time 20-30 days after order confirmation
Thickness 13mm to 80mm
Different type Cutting edge: Double bevel flat (DBF) cutting edge ||, DBF Cutting Edges |>, DBF Cutting Edges < >, DBF serrated cutting edge
Dozer blades Dozer cutting edges and end bits, cat cutting edge, caterpillar blades, caterpillar cutting edge, dozer cutting edges, cutting edges and end bits, bulldozer cutting edge, etc.

Products design

Komatsu Dozer Blade Cutting Edge 4T6381


Length 2438 Bolt size 3/4″
Width 203 Holes 17
Thickness 16


Part of the grader blades are as follows:

Grader Blades
P/N Main Dimension (mm) Holes Dia.
5D9553 1828X152X16 13 5/8″
5D9554 2133X152X16 15 5/8″
5D9556 1828X152X19 13 5/8″
5D9557 2133X152X19 15 5/8″
5D9558 1828X203X19 13 5/8″
5D9559 2133X203X19 15 5/8″
7D1577 2133X203X19 15 3/4″
7D1949 2438X203X19 17 3/4″
5B5564 1828X152X16 8 5/8″
5B5562 2133X152X16 9 5/8″
4T2237 2438X203X25 17 5/8″
4T2242 2133X203X25 15 5/8″
4T2968 1828X203X16 13 5/8″
5D9732 2438X203X19 17 5/8″
9W2301 2438X152X13 10 5/8″
9W2299 2133X152X13 9 5/8″
4T3007 1828X203X19 13 5/8″
4T3036 2133X203X19 15 5/8″
4T2969 2133X203X16 15 5/8″
5D9562 1828X203X16 13 5/8″

Raw material

Komatsu Dozer Blade Cutting Edge 4T6381

Products process

Komatsu Dozer Blade Cutting Edge 4T6381

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Komatsu Dozer Blade Cutting Edge 4T6381

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