9W6656 D10 Dozer Cutting Edge 45x406x994

Forging 9W8552RC For Excavator Parts Rock Bucket Teeth for CAT J550 matching with 6i6554 Bevel Adapter (60mm) or 1U1553 Bevel Adapter(60mm) etc. bucket adapter for excavator with pin 6Y8558 and retainer 8E5559.Rock tooth used to the contruction and mining condition, has casting and forging two different production processes.

Product Informatio

Material 80#Carbon steel or Boron steel 30mnB or 35MnB
Colors Yellow
Technique Forging casting
Surface Hardness Carbon HRC280-320HB Boron HRC440-520HB
Yielding Point Carbon 600Re-N/mm2 Boron 1440N/mm2
Certification ISO9001-9002
FOB Price FOB Xiamen USD 30-130/Piece
MOQ 50 pieces
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established

Technical drawing

30MnB Steel for Grader Blade, End Bit;Dozer edge, End bit
Chemical Composition of 30MnB Steel
Element Min Max
C 0.27 0.340
Si 0.15 0.300
Mn 1.1 1.400
P 0.030
S 0.030
Cr 0.3 0.500
Cu 0.030
Ni 0.025
B 0.0005 0.003
Ti 0.03 0.050
Mechanical Properties
Hardness(after heat treated) 46-52HRC
Yelding point 144N/m
Breaking point 1630N/m㎡
Elongation 8%
Resilience at room temperature 58J/c㎡

Cutting Edge List

No. Part No.(OEM) Description Dimension(mm) Weight(Kg)
1 5D9553 Grader Blade 16*152*1828.4 30
2 5D9554 Grader Blade 16*152*2133.2 34.2
3 5D9558 Grader Blade 19*203*1828.4 51
4 5D9559 Grader Blade 19*203*2133.6 60
5 5D9561 Grader Blade 16*203*2133.2 49.4
6 5D9562 Grader Blade 16*203*1828.4 42.3
7 5B5564 Grader Blade 16*152*1828.4 30
8 4T2233 Grader Blade 25*203*2133.2 81.5
9 4T2231 Grader Blade 25*203*1828 70
10 4T2236 Grader Blade 25*203*2438 93.1
11 4T2242 Grader Blade 25*203*2133.2 81.5
12 4T2244 Grader Blade 25*203*1828.4 70
13 7D1158 Grader Blade 16*203*2133.2 49.4
14 7D1576 Grader Blade 19*203*1828.4 51
15 7D1577 Grader Blade 19*203*2133.2 60
16 7D1949 Grader Blade 19*203*2438 67.6
17 5D9556 Grader Blade 19*152*1828.4 37
18 5D9557 Grader Blade 19*152*2133.2 42.7
19 7D4508 Grader Blade 16*152*1523.6 24.5
20 7T1623 Grader Blade 19*203*2133 60
21 4T2236 Grader Blade 25*203*2438 93.1
22 4T2237 Grader Blade 25*203*2438 93.1
23 4T2243 Grader Blade 25*203*1828.8 68.8
24 4T3032 Grader Blade 19*203*2133.6 60
25 4T3033 Grader Blade 19*203*1828.4 53.3


1. You are a trader or a manufacture?
We are an industry and trade integration business, our factory located on Quanzhou Nanan Distric, and our sales department is in City centre of Xiamen. The distance is 80Kms, 1.5 hours.

2. How can I be sure the part will fit my excavator?
Give us correct model number/machine serial number/ any numbers on the parts itself. Or measure the parts give us dimension or drawing.

3. How about the payment terms?
We usually accept T/T or L/C. other terms also could be negotiated.

4. What is your minimum order?
It depends on what you are buying. Normally, our minimum order is USD5000. one 20’ full container and LCL container (less than a container load) can be acceptable.

5. What is your delivery time?
FOB Xiamen or any Chinese port : 35-45 days . If there are any parts in stock , our delivery time is only 7-10 days.

6. What about Quality Control?
We have a perfect QC system for the perfect products. A team who will detect the product quality and specification piece carefully, monitoring every production process until packing is complete, to ensure product safety into container.

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