Sany Forging Bucket Tooth SY55 SY75C-9 SY485

Track chain Dozers CATERPILLAR D10N.
CATERPILLAR. Machinery type: Dozers. model: D10N.Track chain.CTHG0110N044.Weight: 1994.00 Kg.


Forging Process

ltem Forging
Process Forging is a process that using forging machine to maket the metal blank produce plastic deformation, in order to obtain a certainmechanical properties, shape and size. Through forging can eliminate the metal ascast loose defects in the smelting process,
optimize the microstructure, keep the complete metal flow, so the mechanical propertites of forging is generally better than castingof the same materail. Most of the machine important parts whcih require high load andserious working condition apply forgingparts.
Material Forging material widely use round steel square steel.there are carbon steel alloy steel stainless steel as wll as some non-ferrous
metal whichr mainly applied in areospace and precision industry.
Apperance Oxidationreaction offorging steel duringthe high temperature process will cause slight kylin grain in the surface of the forged
bucket teeth.Also as forging is made by molding, after removing the allowance slot in the mould, there would be a pearting line in theforged bucket teeth.
Mechanical Property Forging process can gurantee the continuity of metal fibre,and keep complete metal flow,gurantee good mechanical properties and
long service life of the bucket teeth, which casting process is incomparable.

Forging Bucket Teeth Quality Specifications

HRC Hardness ≥51
J Impact Energy ≥28
Mpa Tensile Strength ≥1800
Mpa Yield Strength ≥1800

Forging Bucket Teeth Model

LD 60 SY55/60 1.60 Sany
LD60 RC SY55/60 1.90 Sany
LD100 SY65/75C-9 2.70 Sany
LD100RC SY65/75C-9 2.80 Sany
713-00057 SY115C-9/135/155 3.80 Sany
713-00057RC SY115C-9/135/155 3.80 Sany
2713-1217 SY195/205/215/SY225 5.10 Sany
2713-1217RC SY195/205/215/SY225 6.30 Sany
2713-1217RC-HD SY195/205/215/SY225 7.00 Sany
2713-1217TL SY195/205/215/SY225 5.10 Sany
2713-1219TL SY235/265/C-9/SY365H-9 7.00 Sany
2713-1219RC SY235/265/C-9/SY365H-9 8.00 Sany
2713-0032RC/2713-1234RC SY335/305/265/285/245 10.20 Sany
2713-1234TL SY335/305/265/285/245 8.70 Sany
9W8452RC SY365/375 13.80 Sany
9W8452TL SY365/375 11.00 Sany
2713-1236RC/1271TR SY485/475/SY500 16.50 Sany
2713-1236TL/1271TL SY485/475/SY500 13.50 Sany
9W8552RC SY485/475/SY500 20.50 Sany
9W8552TL SY485/475/SY500 19.50 Sany
LD700 RC SY750/870/SY650 30 Sany
LD700TL SY750/870/SY650 28.00 Sany


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