Sell D155 175-70-26310 Dozer Cutting Edge Grader End Bit

Our Cutting edge and Grader blader are designed and manufactured to meet OEM and industry standard for earthmoving machinery and equipment. We can provide both heat-treated Boron steel and Carbon steel, it is depend to your market. Boron Steel with heat treated has the superior performance over Carbon steel.

Product Information

Material Carbon steel or Boron steel 30MnB
Colors Black or yellow
Technique Forging casting
Surface Hardness Carbon HRC280-320HB Boron HRC440-520HB
Yielding Point Carbon 600Re-N/mm2 Boron 1440N/mm2
Certification ISO9001-9002
FOB Price FOB Xiamen USD 40-45/Piece
MOQ 2 piece
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established

Design / Structure / Details Pics

Sell D155 175-70-26310 Dozer Cutting Edge Grader End Bit


Advantages / Features:

Cutting edge:

We has introduced Boron steel(heat treated) in producing its ground engaging tools for bulldozer machineries which has the superior over carbon steel.

All our Parts are through hardened to 440-520HB and have a yield strength of 1440N/mm2.Adavantage of using Heat Treated Boron Material Ground Engaging Tools.

The above technical data shows that the Boron type of GET has superior mechanical properties with much higher resistance to wear and abrasion due to the nature of chemical composition. As a result,the lifespan of Boron type of GET will be at least twice that of carbon steel.Thus,the cost savings on downtime,labour charges and plow bolts and nuts are tremendous.atures:

Product list

Normal Blades with bolts and nuts

Part number Description Bolts Nuts
5D9553 Grader blades 3F5108 4K0367
7D1158 Grader blades 4F7827 2J3506
8E5530 Grader End bits 1J6762 2J3506
8E5531 Grader End bits 3F5108 4K0367
4T6659 Dozer Cutting edges 5J4773 2J3506
4T3009 Dozer Cutting edges 4F7827 2J3506
9W1878 Dozer Cutting edges 5J4773 5P8248
7T5702 Dozer Cutting edges 4J9258 2J3507
4T6695 Loader Segment 1J5607 2J3507
4T6699 Loader Segment 5P8823 3K9770
8E4193/8E4194 Dozer End bits 4J9058 2J3507
8E4198/8E4199 Dozer End bits 5P8823 3K9770

There are our blade promotion stock list for your reference:

1U0295GB25 2 52.40 916/26.953/51
1U0593B40 2 140.40 966D/E/F/G
1U0593C30 1 99.00
1U0761GB40 3 42.20 980B/C.988B/F
1U1545B40 1 58.80 9SU.9U
1U1546B40 1 58.80 9SU.9U
232-70-12141B13 2 24.67
232-70-12142C13 50 24.30
232-70-12150C13 4 7.51 GD300A-1
232-70-12160B13 4 8.22 GD300A-1
232-70-52180B16 1 8.29 GD621A-1
232-70-52190B13 11 9.99 GD621A-1
232-70-52190C13 243 12.73 GD621A-1
232-70-52190C19 10 14.60 GD621A-1
232-70-52191B13 1 12.40 GD405/A-1.GD500-2
232-70-52191C13 23 12.43 GD405/A-1.GD500-2
233-70-12141B16 1 24.67 51-LB
233-70-12141C16 196 24.67 51-LB
234-70-12192B13 2 32.13
234-70-12192C13 40 28.40
234-70-32230B19 367 13.39 GD705A-3
234-70-32240B13 187 12.70 GD705A-3
235-70-12140B19 172 66.59
3/4*6*78C19 58 39.00
3/4*6*94.5C19 38 52.10
3G6395B35B 2 24.88 960C/D/E
3G8281B40 1 63.00 824S.824G.9SU
3G8282B40 1 63.00 824S.824G.9SU
3G8283B40 3 51.35 8U.8SU.9U.9C
3G8284B40 3 51.35 8U.8SU.9U.9C
3G8287B38 28 35.15 8A.8SU.825C
3G8288B38 27 33.92 8A.8SU.825C
3G8297C22 1 12.70 815S.815F.5A.6A
3G8298C22 1 12.70 815S.815F.5A.6A
3G8315C30 1 28.10 7A.7S.7U.835.834
3G8316C30 1 28.10 7A.7S.7U.835.834
3G9512B30 26 18.60 950.B.E


1.MOQ: Mini order 20″ container

2.Payment: T/T before shipment

3.Material: Made by 80# steel

Any items of interest you,pls feel free to contact us!

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Sell D155 175-70-26310 Dozer Cutting Edge Grader End Bit

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Sell D155 175-70-26310 Dozer Cutting Edge Grader End Bit

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Sell D155 175-70-26310 Dozer Cutting Edge Grader End Bit

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Sell D155 175-70-26310 Dozer Cutting Edge Grader End Bit

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