Compact Track Loader Attachments

skid steer loaders, they’re designed for rugged, unstable and uneven terrain. Unlike a skid steer loader, a compact track loader can traverse easily across mud, sand and other unstable ground thanks to its wider distribution of weight and tracks that cover more surface area.

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Convert your compact track loader into a digging machine with a trencher work tool attachment. Designed to dig long, narrow trenches.


For landscape and agricultural ventures,Tiller attachments break up soil and help stabilize, level and finish terrain. They’re also useful for adding and mixing compost, fertilizer and other lawn care products into the soil. The tiller’s rotating rows of metal tines pierce deep into the soil, digging up and turning over clumps of earth for aeration and making the soil easier to manipulate. Tillers are essential work tools for finishing new landscape projects or for maintaining existing lawn care projects.

3.Stump Grinders

Stump grinders are powerful work tool attachments for compact track loaders that grind down leftover stumps into mere dust. Stump grinders help landscape contractors perform general maintenance by eliminating stumps and preparing the lot for seeding and planting. They’re also essential when clearing lots for construction and eliminating hazards.

Stump grinder attachments saw down hardwood and softwood stumps using precision-controlled back-and-forth movements to grind the material until it’s flat with the ground. Stump grinders are also compatible with skid steer loaders and other compact equipment


The saw work tool is a continuous drive circular saw that attaches to your compact track loader and operates by a direct drive hydraulic motor. Wheel saws range in width from 3 inches to 8 inches and saw at a depth of 18 inches to 24 inches. Operators can also adjust the saw direction from side to side by up to 22 inches.


Cut back on manual labor and improve productivity with Cat rakes for landscaping. Caterpillar manufactures a range of rake attachments, including grapple rakes, landscape rakes and power box rakes for your compact track loader.

Rakes are designed to run along the ground, picking up and collecting debris and material that doesn’t belong.


Mulcher attachments are an essential work tool for your compact track loader operating in construction and landscaping. When you’ve got dense brush, shrubs and saplings to clear, mulchers help you effortlessly knock them down and convert them into mulch. Cat mulchers are high-performance work tools built with durable, fixed teeth that chop and grind overgrowth, spitting it out into fine mulch. Mulchers are available for both compact track loaders and skid steer loaders.


If you own a compact track loader, a general-purpose or material handling bucket is a must-have. Buckets are extremely versatile, and when you’re building your service fleet, a bucket can help you accomplish a variety of construction, landscaping and agricultural tasks. With a bucket, you can lift and move dirt and material, grade and level terrain and even push around brush and rubble in a pinch.


When you need to clear-cut lots to get ready for construction or maintain overgrowth around a field, Brushcutter attachments for compact track loaders can efficiently eliminate brush. Cat brushcutters range in widths from 60 inches to 78 inches, giving you several options to meet your needs.


Blades for compact track loaders are expertly engineered to withstand tough cutting and material moving conditions. Blades allow you to push and slice through piled soil, debris and other material, optimizing your lot clearing efforts.

10.Bale Spears And Grabs

When using a compact track loader for agricultural purposes, bale spears and bale grabs are a must. Bale spears allow you to pierce, lift and move hay bales in round or square configurations. Bale grabs tighten around round hay bales, securing them for transport.

11. Backhoes

The backhoe work tool is available for your compact track loader. Attaching a backhoe arm to your compact track loader gives you a range of functionality. Whether you’re digging trenches and foundations, drilling, hammering or moving material, a backhoe arm has many compatible tools, including a backhoe bucket.

Since the backhoe arm attachment gives you the capabilities of an excavator, it’s considered a staple for any compact track loader operator. Backhoe arm attachments are also available for skid steer loaders.

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