Sell Hoe Ditch Cleaning 1919555 1500mm for Excavator 416D Mud Bucket

Available in a range of widths and shapes, such as rectangle, trapezoid, triangle, etc.
We choose wer-resistant selection of quality,high-strength steel plate and high-strength anti-Rally wire,welding equipment,professionals carefully weldsed together,the surface jet mill with strong internal and external appearance.

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Porducts description

Bucket (GP) Q345 Mainly used for excavation and sand, gravel and soil and other light load operating environment.
Bucket (HD) Q345+NM400 Mainly used for digging hard soil, mixed with a relative soft stone and clay, softer stones and other light load operating environment.
Bucket(HDR) Q345+NM400/HARDOX400 Used for mining hard gravel mixed with hard soil, sub-hard stone or flint, after blasting or loading, and heavy-loading.

Applications: Excavation of trenches of different shapes by single forming without trimming, with high operating efficiency.

We can supply:

CAT200 CAT240 CAT305 CAT307 CAT315 CAT320A CAT320B
CAT330C CAT330D CAT345B PC30 PC40 PC55 PC60
PC100 PC120 PC180 PC200 PC210 PC220 PC240
PC260 PC300 PC400 PC360 PC450 EX60 EX100
EX200 EX230 EX300 EX120 EX240 EX250 ZX210
EX400 EX450 ZX50 ZX70 ZX120 ZX350 ZX360
ZX400 ZX450 ZX230 ZX240 ZX270 ZX330 ZX870
ZX470 EX30 EX40 SK350 SK330 SK55 SK200
SK210 SK230 SK250 SK320 SK100 SK450 DH35
DH55 DH60 DX60 DH70 DX225 DX300 DH80
DH215 DH150 DH210 DH150 DH220 DH280 DH300
DH370 R55 R120 R130 R140 R160 R180
R200 R210 R250 R290 R300 R360 R450
R320 SH60 SH75 SH100 SH120 SH135 SH150
SH160 SH200 SH210 SH220 SH300 SH135 SH150
SH160 SH330 SH450 EC55 EC210 EC240 EC290
EC360 EC330 JCB 3cx JCB 4cx PC650 PC1250 EX850

Size: We make excavator buckets and excavator attachments for all excavators and backhoes, from the 0.5 tonne micro diggers, right up to the largest full sized excavators – we used to say we stopped at 80 tonnes, but then at the end of 2004 we broke that rule by building a bucket for a 140 tonne excavator!

1.Digging and Trenching buckets:
Toothed buckets for general digging, trench cutting and loading duties.
A variety of tooth types are available.

2.Ditching and Grading buckets:
Wider buckets, without teeth, for grading, levelling and ditch cleaning. These may also be used to re-handle loose (pre-dug) soil and lighter loading duties.

3.Rock and Heavy Duty buckets:
Our XHD buckets can be specified for demolition or rock handling and are capable of sustaining long service in the very toughest of ground conditions.

4.Riddle and Shaker buckets:
Buckets for separating rock and stone from soil. For smaller machines, we also produce a bucket with different sizes

According to special ends of customers, we provide different types of buckets, from digging fighting shape, texture, thickness, and other aspects of design characteristics.

Note: Please use the bucket correctly based on the environment .Otherwise, it will reduce the life expectancy of digging bucket, or even damage it.

Products cover a range of well-know excavators.And we can change the capatity of the bucker according to the customer’s demand

According to customer needs, develop and design products, do our best to meet customer requirements

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