GT Track Adjuster Assembly (Tension Devices) Advantages

The existing caterpillar taming cylinder structure is a hydraulic cavity cylinder with a spring valve at the bottom. When the main pump is pressurized by hydraulic oil, the oil drives the spring valve to start the piston, and then makes the piston squeeze the piston rod through the pressure of hydraulic oil to cause the caterpillar taming. When unloading pressure, the crawler through its own weight causes the piston rod to squeeze the piston, the butter of the butter chamber is squeezed out, thus lubricating the crawler.

Our advantages of Track adjuster components

  • key component of track adjuster
  • material 40Cr
  • Using high precision mirror polishing
  • the thickness of chromeplating 0.25mm,(electroplating 0.50mm then gringding to 0.25mm to ensure surfacae hardness HB700) # electroplating- grinding-heat treatment-sand blasting


1.High strength spring steel
2.Number of recoils is the same as original parts
3.Roughness as well as original material
4.Produce according to the OEM standards
5.Taped end spring: stable, OEM need, stonger stress
6.Standard spring option
7.fully inspected



Taped End Spring OEM need: like original Komatsu, Caterpillar etc 1.Whole unit is more stable
2.Spring head broken rate can lower70%
Standard Spring After market Economic price

Track cylinder
1.precision casting
2.Rolling surface treatment processing inside
3.Gloss surface # Track cyliner surface finish RA<0.2 (inner and Outer)
4.Track cylinder and screw pin was press together . (other supplier weld them together)

OEM design:Two grease valve(In & Out) Top quality

Item Material Treatment U’Price USD
exepensive one 45# steel normalizing+machining+hardening&tempering, low risk of leaking or pressure drop 5
cheap one A3 steel heat treatment onle on head, high risk of leaking or pressure drop 1
The whole cylinder pressure inside is more than 600Mpa, if nipple leaked oil, the complete machine undercarriage would be wom out soon

Quality Control System

Raw materials inspection, semi-finished prodcuts in-line inspection and final inspection. Suitable technology manufacturing processes and quality control system to ensure products quality and traceability.

GT AvailableTrack Adjuster Assemblies

CAT312 PC220-7 EX100/120 FL4 DH220
CAT E200B PC300-5 EX200-1/3/5 D5/D6 inner cylinder DH280/300
CAT 320 PC300-7 EX300-1/3/5 D31 DH350
CAT 320C PC350/360 EX400-3/5 ZAX120 R55/60-7/65-5/7
CAT 320D PC400-5 EC55 ZAX200-1 R130-5/7
CAT 330 B/C/D PC400-7 EC210-460 ZAX200-3/5 R210LC-7
PC60-5 EX60-1 SK60 ZAX330 R220LC-7 R225
PC100-5/120-5 EX60-3 SK100-350 DH55 R300/R350
PC200-5/7 EX60-5 SH100-300 DH80 R465


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