High Efficiency Portable Line Boring And Welding Machine for Construction Machinery Maintenance

The boring machine of construction machinery is used for post welding processing of shaft pin holes, rotary holes and hinged holes on various construction machinery structures, or for inlaying after reaming, repairing and processing of core holes of the same kind of excavators, loaders, presses and cranes.
The 40 type boring machine is installed by welding and bolt connection and fixing, which is convenient for disassembly and transportation. The 40 type boring machine is suitable for the processing of multiple concentric holes and side-by-side porous holes. Work is continuous cutting, high production efficiency, high machining accuracy

220v 480vconstruction machinery repair boring machine 2.5kw stepless speed regulation multi-function CNC type welding machineOur company’s CNC portable soldering and welding machine is designed for on-site construction. It is characterized by small size, light weight, good boring and welding quality. It is not required for use environment and space, and is easy to carry. It is widely used in the repair of round holes such as pin holes and bearing holes of large-scale equipment and engineering machinery. It is a good helper for industrial and mining enterprises and engineering site maintenance.
1. Adopt digital control system, precise control and simple operation
2. It can realize common boring, fixed length boring, spiral welding, swing welding and other functions.
3. Fixed length stop function, truly unattended

Boring machine Specification

Main motor power: 1.5kw, stepless speed change (0-180 RPM).
Feed box: stepless speed regulation, automatic feed.
Cutter motor: 220V, 120W stepless speed regulation
Boring range: diameter 45mm-200mm.
Boring bar specification: 40mm * 1500mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
Boring bar material: 45 × 3.
Boring bar processing technology: tempering, turning, quenching, grinding, hard chromium plating on the surface.
Feed guide rail: double cylinder guide rail (45 × steel, tempering, turning, quenching, grinding, hard chromium plating).
Cutting feed: minimum 0.10 mm / revolution.
Maximum cutting amount: 2 mm for one side.
Working schedule: 300 mm (can be customized according to customer requirements).
Weight: About 60kg.

Boring machine part

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