100/150/200 Ton Hydraulic Track Link Pin Press Portable Press Link Machine

The hydraulic Track Pin Press is a pressing tool used to remove and installing the end bolt on track chains on excavators. The tool can be used in situ to save time. Just install the tool part by part in place, connect a hydraulic pump and go.

Portable Link Press Machine Description

100T/200T Portable hydraulic track link pin press machine: this press is for removal and insertion of master pin and removal of sprocket for all type

of Excavators&Dozers, and for earth moving /Mining equipments.

The track is also known as caterpillar, continuous track or tank tread for the removal or installation of the pins from the undercarriage tracks of excavators, bulldozers, tanks, tractors and similar track propelled machinery.

Portable hydraulic track press pusher (manual hydraulic or electric pump) is available for smaller machine tracks and larger fixed electrical machines are available for larger machinery tracks (suited for workshop).

Pin Pusher Technical Specifications

Pushing force: 100T (750 kN) or 150T (1500 kN) or 200T (2000 kN)

Working pressure: 700 bar

Diameter of pushing pin: multiple sizes available

Stroke: 140mm or bigger

Weight of the hydraulic pusher: 95 kg

Weight of the hand-operated pump: 15 kg

Portable Link Press Machine We Can supply

Type Machine type Fit for pitch (mm) Mould Fit machine Efficiency
qty Example of Komatsu
Manual press link machine weight about 250Kgs GT150-1 175,190 1 PC100,PC200
GT150-2 175,190,203 2 PC100,PC200, about 15-20 mins
PC300 per link section
GT150-3 175,190,203,216 3 PC100,PC200,
GT200 175,190,203,216 228 4 PC100,PC200,
GT200-1 Only for 280 1 PC600,D9,D10
Manual & Electronic press link machine, weight about 300Kgs GT150-1E 175,190 1 PC100,PC200,
GT150-2E 175,190,203 2 PC300
GT150-3E 175,190,203,216 3 PC100,PC200, about 7-10mins
GT200E 175,190,203,216 228 4 PC100,PC200, PC300,PC400-6 per link section
GT200-1E Only 280 1 PC600,D9,D10

Portable Link Press Machine Composition

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