Drum Cutters Applicable to The Mining of Open-pit Coal Mines The Repair and Excavation of Tunnel Rocks and Concrete

Drum Cutters have a widerange of types, which are applicable to the mining of open-pit coal mines, the repair and excavation of tunnel rocks and concrete, as wellas slope protection and grooving, demolition,surface grinding, and underwater operations.The milling and digging machine has the char-acteristics of high efficiency, fast speed, quietoperation, small dust, high precision, low noise,low vibration, simple structure, convenient usewaste can be backfilled and so on.



1.Wide range of Drum Cutter: different types of Drum Cutters can adapt to stratawith different hardness, and concrete without steel bars or with a small amountof steel bars can also be milled.

2.Reduce vibration and protect the environment: it can replace blasting construction, has low vibration and noise, and can better protect the environment.

3.Accurate control of the excavation surface: it can better solve the problems ofover-excavation and under-excavation, accurately trim the excavation contourand help reduce costs.

4.Good safety: the use of Drum Cutters in soft rock or broken rock formations canreplace manual excavation, so that construction personnel can leave the work.ing face and reduce the danger of falling blocks and collapses encountered byconstruction personnel in front of them during the excavation process , toimprove the safety of tunnel construction.

5.Simple structure, easy to use, and relatively low price: it can be installed on anyexisting excavator without special supporting equipment. Compared withtunnels, shields and other machinery, the equipment is cheap.

Engine displacement 1340ml/r
Speed range 0-130r/min
Max flow 174L/min
Rated pressure 25Mpa
Max pressure 30Mpa
Max torque 5200N.m
Max power 55KW
Cutter head 36-56pcs
Weight 600kg
Excavator weight 18-22T
Cutter head type 22-24

Engine displacement 125ml/r
Speed range 0-400r/min
Rated pressure 16Mpa
Max pressure 22Mpa
Max power 18.6KW
Cutter head 28pcs
Weight 112kg
Excavator weight <6T

Engine displacement 398ml/r
Speed range 0-90r/min
Max flow 47L/min
Rated pressure 28Mpa
Max pressure 40Mpa
Max torque 3200N.m
Max power 40KW
Cutter head 32pcs
Weight 210kg
Excavator weight 3-10T
Cutter head type 20-22

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